Welcome to EATS
The European Association of Taiwan Studies

The European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS) is devoted to the promotion of Taiwan Studies and Research in Europe. The Association seeks to foster a community of interest among scholars and researchers based in European countries in order to facilitate academic interaction and scientific collaboration.

The aims and objectives of the Association are solely and exclusively educational. Its academic scope includes the arts, humanities, law, languages, cultural studies and social sciences. Wherever you are, if you are interested in Taiwan Studies, you are welcome to join EATS and become our members!

EATS appreciates the generous support of the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation.


Since the beginning of 2013 the Association has begun publishing twice-yearly newsletters. The publication dates are 31 January and 31 July respectively. There are two formats of publications: online version and printed version. The online version of the newsletters is the primary edition. It is in PDF format and is archived by EATS Website.

Each of the online versions of EATS News can be downloaded from the links below:

EATS News Issue 12 - published 31 July 2018 EATS News Issue 11 - published 31 January 2018 EATS News Issue 10 - published 31 July 2017 EATS News Issue 9 - published 31 January 2017 EATS News Issue 8 - published 31 July 2016 EATS News Issue 7 - published 31 January 2016 EATS News Issue 6 - published 31 July 2015 EATS News Issue 5 - published 31 January 2015 EATS News Issue 4 - published 31 July 2014 EATS News Issue 3 - published 31 January 2014 EATS News Issue 2 - published 31 July 2013 EATS News Issue 1 - published 31 January 2013