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Saša Istenič

EATS Board Member 2011 - 2016

Upon graduating from the University of Ljubljana with a BA in Chinese and Japanese studies, I continued my education at the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Leeds, UK (MA Hons in 2004) and the Institute of China and Asia-Pacific Studies at the National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan (PhD Hons in 2009). My dissertation analyzed Taiwanese diplomacy towards former Yugoslavia and its successor states and was published as a monograph in 2010.

I have written several refereed articles on issues relating to Taiwan, Mainland China and Slovenia and was a contributor to the Taiwanese journal Balkan Weekly. I have co-authored Slovenian National Curriculums for Chinese language for Slovenian primary and secondary schools. I organized a number of conferences, including the Eighth annual EATS conference in May 2011. .

In 2009 I established the Taiwan Research Center at the University in Ljubljana with the main purpose of facilitating Slovenia-Taiwan exchanges and improving Slovenian citizen awareness of Taiwan. Since then, I have organized a number of cultural activities related to Taiwan across Slovenia and taught courses related to China and Taiwan studies in various faculties of the University of Ljubljana and University of Zagreb in Croatia.

Dr Saša Istenič is Associate Professor of Sinology and President of the Taiwan Research Center at the Department of Asian and African Studies of the University in Ljubljana in Slovenia.