EATS 2010 Conference Programme

The latest version of the programme can be downloaded as PDF file.

April 8, 2010 (Thursday)  

Tower of Hohentübingen Castle, Room 165 ​(Turmzimmer)



Welcoming Remarks:
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Gropper (Prorector for Students, Studies and Teaching)
Prof. Dr. Jörn Staecker (Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Studies)
Dr. Wu­-lien Wei (Representative of the R.O.C.)
Prof. Lin Wen­-cheng (Taiwan Foundation for Democracy)
Prof. Dr. Gunter Schubert (ERCCT Director)

  Short Break
Keynote speech 1 
Prof. Thomas Gold ​(University of California, Berkeley)
Keynote speech 2 
Prof. Wan­yao Chou ​(National Taiwan University)
Roundtable Discussion moderated by Prof. Lin Wen-­cheng: The Global State of Taiwan Studies 
Wan­-yao Chou, Stéphane Corcuff, Dafydd Fell, Thomas Gold, Gunter Schubert

April 9, 2010 (Friday)  

Wilhelmstr. 19

Seminar room 001 (Seminarraum 001)
Panel 1 -- Literature
Chair: N.N.
Lecture hall 002 (Hörsaal 002)
Panel 2 -- Domestic Politics
Chair: G. Schubert

The Quest for Authenticity – Modernists and Realists Re-­evaluated
Carsten Storm​ ​(Dresden University of Technology) 
Discussant: M. Laureillard-Wendland 
Taiwanese Parties’ Candidate selection in the Aftermath of Electoral Reform: Case of the 2009 Local Executive Elections
Dafydd Fell (SOAS)
Discussant: N.N.

Taiwan starting a modern literature: irony, satire and resistance in fiction from the Japanese occupation
Federica Passi (Ca’ Foscari University, Venice) 
Discussant: T. Dluhosova
A Democracy without Liberalness: An Assessment of Taiwan's Liberal Democracy
Hung-jen Wang (ERCCT)
Discussant: N.N.

The identity of Taiwan through its past according to three poets of today
Marie Laureillard-Wendland (Lumière-Lyon 2 University)
Discussant: A. Heylen
Youth political identity and participation in Taiwan’s bipartite democratic structure
Ryan Brading (University of Essex)
Discussant: Y.-K. Kao

Whose story is it? ── Postmodernism, history and 'historiographic metafiction' in the context of Taiwanese literature

Jana Benesova (National Chengchi University)
Discussant: JC. Storm 
The Future Development of Political Factions in Taiwan-An Analysis from 2009 Local Elections
Yuang-Kuang Kao (National ChengChi University)
Discussant: D. Fell

Coffee Break

Seminar room 001 (Seminarraum 001)
Panel 3 -- Taiwan History with special attention to the Indigenous Past 
Chair: H. Klöter
Lecture hall 002 (Hörsaal 002)
Panel 4 -- Economics and Business
Chair: D. Fell

The Trope of the Formosan Headhunter: “Savage” Violence in Taiwanese History
Scott Simon (University of Ottawa)
Discussant: Chou Wan-yao
Economic Security Implications of the Migration of the Taiwanese Semiconductor Industry to China
Ming-chin Monique Chu (SOAS)
Discussant: G. Schubert

Who are the ancestors and where are the ancestral lands? - A case study of the construction of discourses relating to ‘ancestral land’ in contemporary Truku land movements
Ching Hsiu Lin (University of Edinburgh)
Discussant: O. Streiter
Have Taiwanese Businesses Lost Their World? The Changing Interaction between Taiwanese Businesses and Local Chinese Governments
Chun-yi Lee (University of Leiden)
Discussant: G. Schubert

Interactions between Dutchmen and Aborigines on Paper: Brievenboek, Kerkboek van Formosa
Ann Heylen (National Taiwan Normal University)
Discussant: Liao Wen-shuo
Selective Diffusion of the ICT development in East Asia
Han-Teng Liao (University of Oxford)
Discussant: J. Damm
  Lunch Break
Keynote Speech by Prof. Wen-Cheng Lin(Taiwan Foundation for Democracy)
Lecture hall 002
Presentation: A Considerate View on the Taiwanese, Michael Danielsen(Taiwan Corner, Copenhagen)
Lecture hall 002
Seminar room 001 (Seminarraum 001)
Panel 5 -- The Phenomenon of Bentuhua in Taiwanese Society
Chair: J. Damm
Lecture hall 002 (Hörsaal 002)
Panel 6 -- Economic Integration and the PRC
Chair: D.Fell

The women's movement and indigenous self-identity in Taiwan: Can global feminism localize?
Astrid Lipinsky (University of Vienna)
Discussant: S. Corcuff
Are we on the right track: a historical view on ECFA
Ting Ting Chang (LSE)
Discussant: C.-Y. Lee
The legacy of the bentuhua movement in contemporary rush- weaving craft production in rural Taiwan
Yi-Fang Chen(University of Edinburgh)
Discussant: S. Corcuff
Opportunities, Obstacles and Challenges for China and Taiwan in Adopting CBMs in the Military/Security Domain
Saša Istenič (University of Ljubljana)
Discussant: Y.-K. Kao
  An Archeological View on Bentuhua: Taiwan's Tombstones in a Historical Perspective
Ann Meifang Lin (University of Kaohsiung)
Discussant: S. Corcuff
Reminiscence of Zollverein – ECFA from a Constructivist View
Cho-Hsin Su (Panthéon-Assas Paris II University)
Discussant: C.-Y. Lee
Lecture hall 002 (Hörsaal 002)
EATS General Assembly(Chair: Ann Heylen)
20:00Conference Dinner
in the Restaurant “Casino am Neckar”, hosted by the Taipei Representative Office to the FRG, Berlin

April 10, 2010 (Saturday)
Wilhelmstr. 19

Seminar room 001 (Seminarraum 001)
Panel 7 -- Language Policies / Taiwan Studies
Chair: Ann HEYLEN 
Lecture hall 002 (Hörsaal 002)
Panel 8 -- Gender
Chair: A. Lipinsky
 Language policy from below: Re-reading Huang Shihui
Henning Klöter (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Discussant: W.-Y. Chou
Citizens from Outside: The Political Implications of Marriage Migration from China to Taiwan
Isabelle Cheng (SOAS)
Discussant: A. Lipinsky
 Language Policy in the Early Postwar Period in Taiwan
Táňa Dluhošová (Masaryk University)
Discussant: H. Klöter
Tongzhi in Contemporary Taiwan and the Policy of Multi- Culturalism
Jens Damm (Chang Jung University, Tainan)
Discussant: C. Storm
The Institutionalization of Taiwan Studies: A European Approach  
Hardina Ohlendorf (SOAS) 
Discussant: Tom Gold
The life course of Taiwanese female head of household: a case study of Taipei, 1906-1944
Xingchen Lin(Radboud University Nijmegen)
Discussant: Scott Simon

Coffee Break

Seminar room 001 (Seminarraum 001)
Panel 9 -- Anthropology, Religion and Popular Culture
Chair: S. Simon
Lecture hall 002 (Hörsaal 002)
Panel 10 -- Placemaking, Multiculturalism and the City
Chair: C. Storm

An interpretation of popular Chinese religion in Taiwan
Fabian Graham (Bristol University)
Discussant: A. Mittag
The Transnational Poetry of Tsài Míng-Liàng’s (蔡明亮) Cinema: the memory of sites
Susana Sanz Giménez (Complutense University Madrid)
Discussant: J. Damm

Private Shrines and Public Underworlds: some remarks on "traditional" cosmologies in Taiwan
Yves Menheere (National Taiwan University)
Discussant: A. Mittag
Building Locality at the Site of Memories
Min-Chin Chiang (Leiden University)
Discussant: A. Heylen
 The Functions of Hallyu in the Negotiation and Construction of Contemporary Taiwanese Identity
Sang-Yeon Sung (University of Vienna)
Discussant: Y.-F. Chen
Empire and Regional Identity: Ide Kaoru’s Architecture Writings
Wen-shuo Liao  (Academia Historica)
Discussant: A. Heylen

Current Cultural Politics of Ethnicity in Manhattan Chinatown: The Competition between China and Taiwan
Ann Shu-ju Chiu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Discussant: J. Damm
 Lunch Break
Lecture hall 002 (Hörsaal 002)
MA Panel
Chair: S. Corcuff
 Religions and their interaction with politics and identity construction on Taiwan – Two case studies: the Mazu belief and the Presbyterian Church
Jacob Tischer (University of Leipzig)
 The political discourse of Ma Ying-jeou about the international status of Taïwan
Jean-Baptiste Leclercq (Oriental Asia Institute of Lyon)
 Closing Session