Conference Papers - 15th Annual Conference

EATS as a transnational academic organisation facilitates a public forum mainly in the form of conference for its members to openly present their research papers. After conference, it provides its members privileged access to these papers posted on its website. EATS is not responsible for any views, comments, or descriptions shown in its members' papers. EATS encourages its members or public viewers to engage with the authors directly for any scholarly debate derived from the content of the papers.

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Panel 1a: Sustaining Democratic Taiwan and Asia

Panel 1b: Literature and Literary Translation

Panel 2a: Cross-Strait and International Relations

Panel 2b: Colonial and Post-war history

Panel 3a: Social Movements and Civil Society

Panel 3b: Media and Popular Culture

Panel 4b: Population, Migration and Gender

Panel 5a: Law, Economy and Human Rights

Panel 5b: Food, Farming and Rural Community

Panel 6a: Urban Development & Environment

Panel 6b: Education and Linguistics

Panel 7a: Studies of Waste, Pollution and Climate Change

Panel 7b: Aborigines

MA Panel 1:

MA Panel 2: