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Short biography

With a Dr. phil in Sinology and law at Bonn University, Germany, Astrid Lipinsky was hired by the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna in 2008. In 2009 she co-founded the Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies, and has managed the Center since then. Dr. Lipinsky received the 2016 prize from the Fondation Culturelle Franco-Taiwannaise for the Center. The Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies has organized the Vienna Taiwan Lecture series since 2012, and publishes its own Vienna Taiwan Studies Series, which is both a book and an annual journal series. In November 2016, Dr. Lipinsky hosted Wu Hsiu-Ching for screenings of her documentary “Song of the Reed” in Vienna and Krakow. For more information on the Center, see its website here.

Major publications


  • (2006) Der Chinesische Frauenverband. Eine kommunistische Massenorganisation unter marktwirtschaftlichen Bedingungen. Schriftenreihe Strukturen der Macht Band 15. Berlin, Münster, New York: LIT.


  • (2017) [forthcoming] Social Movements in Taiwan: Historical Roots to Recent Developments, Vienna Taiwan Studies Series Vol 2, Vienna, Zuerich et al: LIT.
  • (2015) Immigration Societies. Taiwan and Beyond. Vienna Taiwan Studies Series Vol 1, Vienna, Zuerich: LIT.
  • (2011) with Schick-Chen, Agnes: Justice Restored? Between Rehabilitation and Reconciliation in China and Taiwan. Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang.
  • (2016) 一战对中国妇女运动国际化的影响 [Einfluss des 1. Weltkriegs auf die Internationalisierung der chinesischen Frauenbewegung], in: Weigelin-Schwiedrzik, Susanne; Zhu Jiaming (eds.): 一戰與中國. 一戰百年會議論文集,Beijing: 人民東方出版社, pp 529 – 541.

Research interests

Taiwan Studies; Taiwanese women's movement, gender issues in Taiwan, law

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