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Short biography

Chang-hui Chi is associate professor of anthropology and director in the Graduate Institute of Culture and History of Hokkien at National Quemoy University, Taiwan. Professor Chi is interested in the relationship between state and local society from a religious perspective. In recent years professor Chi has conducted multi-sited research on religious change on Jinmen and on the changing religious landscape driven by state policies in the Chinese diaspora in Singapore.

Major publications

  • Chi, Chang-hui.2015. Governance and the Politics of Exchange in Militarized Jinmen, 1949-1992. 台灣人類學刊 (Taiwan Journal of Anthropology) 13 (2): 1-20.
  • Chi, Chang-hui. 2010. Networks and Emplacement: Jinmen Migrants in Singapore, 1850s–1942. Journal of Chinese Overseas 6: 22-42.
  • Chi, Chang-hui. 2009. The Death of a Virgin: The Cult of Wang Yulan and Nationalism on Jinmen, Taiwan. Anthropological Quarterly 82(3): 669-690.

Research interests

  • Popular religion of Taiwan
  • Chinese overseas (Singapore)
  • Migration
  • State and local society
  • Taiwan, Singapore

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