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Short biography

Dr Lee Chun-Yi is a lecturer at the school of Politics and International Relation (SPIR) at University of Nottingham. Her current research project is: 'Chinese Investment in Taiwan: Opportunities or Challenges to Taiwan's Industrial Development?' This project aims to investigate bilateral cross-Strait economic activities and also, its impact on both societies. It is a two and half year project, started in July 2014, aim to finish in December 2016. Chun-Yi's previous research project is ''national transformation and workers' rights: An analysis of Chinese labour within the global economy' with Prof. Andreas Bieler at SPIR. This project investigated the influence of different foreign investors on Chinese workers and labour rights. Using interviews, participant observation and cases studies, this project examined the emergence of civil society in this dynamic interaction among the state, foreign capital, and workers in China. This is a three-year project, it finished in September 2014.

Prior to join in SPIR, Chun-Yi was an Assistant Professor at school of Contemporary Chinese Studies (SCCS) at University of Nottingham from June 2013 to July 2016. Chun-yi was a ESRC research fellow from September 2011 to June 2013,post-doc researcher at Institute of East Asia Studies, University of Duisburg, Germany from 2010 September to 2011 October; a writing-up grant scholar at Modern East Asia Research Center (MEARC), Leiden University, the Netherlands from 2009 September to 2010 September. Her book, Taiwanese Businessmen or Chinese Security Asset was published by Routledge in 2011.

Major publications

  • Lin, Liyhun and Chun-Yi Lee (Forthcoming August 2017), ‘A Different Type of Media Capital in Taiwan: the Case of Want Want’, China Perspective.
  • Lee, Chun-Yi and Ming-xi Yin (forthcoming May 2017) ‘Chinese Investment in Taiwan: Challenge or Opportunity for Taiwan’s High-Technology Industrial Development? Journal of Contemporary Chinese Studies.
  • Bieler, Andreas and Chun-Yi Lee, 2017 Feburary. Exploitation and Resistance: A comparative Analysis of the Chinese cheap Labour Electronics and High-Value Added IT Sectors, Globalizations.
  • Lee, Chun-Yi, 2016, 'Taiwan and China in a Global Value Chain: The Case of the Electronic Industry'. In: Taiwan's Impact on China, Palgrave (In Press).
  • Lee, Chun-Yi, 2015, 'Growing or Perishing? The Development of Labour NGOs' In: Civil Society Contributions to Policy Innovation in the PR China Palgrave and Macmillan. 125-150.
  • Lee, Chun-Yi, 2011, Taiwanese business or Chinese security asset: a changing pattern of interaction between Taiwanese business and Chinese governments, Routledge.

Research interests

Cross-Strait Relationship, Taiwanese businessmen (Taishangs) in China: Taishangs interaction with local Chinese government; Taishangs identities in China; Political Economy of Chinese labour; civil society in China and Taiwan

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