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Short biography

Coraline Jortay is a F.R.S.-FNRS Research Fellow and member of the Center for East Asian Studies (EASt) at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB, Belgium). At the crossroads between narrative and gender studies, her PhD project aims to show how interior monologue and reported speech discourse can be articulated by women writers of the sinophone world in the 20th century, including Li Ang (李昂), to assert feminist identity, depict gender relations and build identities, and how these strategies evolve with socio-political context of the time and geographical location of each writer. Coraline Jortay is also a literary translator, having translated into French short stories by Taiwanese writers Kan Yao-ming, Tong Wei-ger and Shu Kuo-chih. Her translations of the short stories “上边”(“ Là-haut”), by Wang Xiangfu and “信”(“La lettre”), by Liu Qingbang (published in Tranchant de lune et autres nouvelles contemporaines de Chine, Ming Books, January 2016) have won the 2nd and 3rd prize in the “China International Translation Contest 2013”.

Major publications

  • Jortay, C. (2016) Les événements. (translation of the short story 《事件》 by Taiwan writer Tong Wei-ger), Jentayu publishing house.
  • Jortay, C. (2017) La prodigieuse histoire du bol de riz au lard. (translation of the short story 《神奇的豬油拌飯》 by Taiwan writer Kan Yao-ming), Jentayu publishing house.
  • Jortay, C. (2017, March - forthcoming). Essais gastronomiques by Taiwan writer Shu Kuo-chih in Taipei, histoires au coin de la rue, Paris : L’Asiathèque publishing house.

Research interests

Taiwan literature, sinophone literature, gender, identity, translation

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