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Short biography

Ek-hong Ljavakaw Sia is a research fellow at the European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan, University of Tübingen, Germany, and a doctoral candidate at the University of Tübingen's Political Science Institute. He is currently working on his doctoral thesis on the PCT-ROC relations in Taiwan after WWII, i.e., The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan versus The Republic of China on Taiwan, within which the historical interplays between church-building and nation-building are explored and interpreted.

Major publications

  • (forthcoming) When Weak Communities Meet Strong NGOs: Collaborative Governances in the Post-disaster Reconstruction, Astrid Lipinsky (ed.), Taiwan’s Civil Movements (Vienna Taiwan Studies Series Volume 2).
  • (2016) Crafting the Taiwanese Nation: Exclusivist and Inclusivist Theses of the Postwar Taiwanese Nationalism. Berliner China-Hefte - Chinese History and Society, Vol. 47, 56-84.
  • (2015) Crafting Aboriginal Nations: The Presbyterian Church and the Imagination of the Aboriginal National Subject. Paper presented at the TSP 2015 Annual Conference: In the Search of New Perspectives, Methods and Finer Factors of Identity Formation - From East Asia to the World, at the St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, UK, 4-5 September.
  • (2012) An Institutional Explanation for Taiwanese Legislative Electoral Change. Taiwan Democracy Quarterly, 9 (1), 81-141 (in Chinese).
  • (2011) Exodus as a Core Metaphor in Taiwanese Nationalist Theology: Time to Recontextualize. Theology and Church, 36 (2), 387-408. (in Chinese).

Research interests

Nationalism, church-state relations, environmental governance, indigenous self-rule

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