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Short biography

Fort Fu-Te Liao got his D.Phil. in Law from Oxford University. He is a research professor at the Institute of Law, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. He has been researching on the interaction between Taiwan and international human rights system.

Major publications

  • Fort Fu-Te Liao ed., The UN Two Covenants Taiwan New Century Foundation, 2014.
  • Fort Fu-Te Liao, The United Nations and Human Rights Protections, Taiwan New Century Foundation, 2013.
  • Fort Fu-Te Liao, International Human Rights Law’s Domestic Impacts New Sharing Publishing Co., 2012.
  • Fort Fu-Te Liao, National Human Rights Commission, Wu-Nan, 2011.
  • Fort Fu-Te Liao, Essays on Human Rights Law Angle Publishing, 2007.
  • Fort Fu-Te Liao, 2003, Development of Constitutional Law and Human Rights in Taiwan Facing the New Century, Japan: Institute of Developing Economies.

Research interests

  • Human Rights Law
  • International Law
  • Constitutional Law