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Short biography

Gabriele de Seta holds a PhD degree in Sociology from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica in Taipei, Taiwan. His scholarly work, grounded on ethnographic engagement across multiple sites, focuses on digital media practices and vernacular creativity in contemporary China. Gabriele’s ongoing research projects cover topics ranging from experimental music scenes and urban life in East Asian cities to new media aesthetics and digital folklore on Chinese online platforms. He also experiments with ways of bridging anthropology and art practice.

Major publications

  • de Seta, G., & Olivotti, F. (2016). Postcolonial posts on colonial pasts: Constructing Hong Kong nostalgia on social media. Medien & Zeit, 31(4), 83–95.
  • de Seta, G. (2015). Postdigital wangluo: The Internet in Chinese everyday life. Anthropology Now, 7(3), 106-117.
  • de Seta, G., & Proksell, M. (2015). The aesthetics of zipai: From WeChat selfies to self-representation in contemporary Chinese art and photography. Networking Knowledge 8(6), 1-17.
  • Herold, D.K., & de Seta, G. (2015). Through the looking glass: Twenty years of Chinese Internet research. The Information Society 31(1), 68-82.
  • de Seta, G., & Zhang, G. (2015). Stranger Stranger or Lonely Lonely? Young Chinese and dating apps between the locational, the mobile and the social. In I. A. Degim, J. Johnson, & T. Fu (Eds.), Online courtship: Interpersonal interactions across borders (pp. 167–185). Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Institute of Network Cultures.
  • de Seta, G. (2013). Spraying, fishing, looking for trouble: The Chinese Internet and a critical perspective on the concept of trolling. The Fibreculture Journal 22.

Research interests

Digital media, digital folklore, Greater China, internet culture, sociolinguistics, experimental music, contemporary art, practice theory, digital ethnography, documentary

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