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Short biography

Hung-yi Chien is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the The Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica (Taiwan). Her primary research interest is Taiwan’s early modern history (16th to 18th century).

Major publications

  • 閩南頭家的命名學——「官」與「舍」的意義、用法、詞源 The Honorific Suffixes of Hokkien Gentlemen: the Meanings, Usages and Etymologies of -qua and -sia
  • 歐德理與他的傳教士民族誌: 客家研究的德意志起源 Ernst Johannes Eitel’s Missionary Ethnography: A German Origin of Hakka Studies
  • 古代閩南語地名表記的規範機制:以臺灣地名為例 The Regulatory Mechanism in the Conventional Orthography of the Old Southern Min: A Case Study of Placenames in Taiwan
  • 土庫考:本土地名的源流與東亞世界的連結 Toko: an Etymology of a Local Placename and its Connections to the Maritime Asia Ernst Johannes Eitel's Hakka Studies: A Perspective of Missionary Ethnography
  • 野生的太陽花

Research interests

  • History of ethnography,
  • History of sinology,
  • History of Taiwan esp. pre-1800,
  • Dutch Formosa,
  • Placename,
  • Writing system and orthography,
  • Grammatology,
  • Missionary studies,
  • Education history of Taiwan under Japanese colonization

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