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Short biography

"As a musicologist, musician, and composer, Jade dedicates herself to music and to the promotion of Taiwan culture, she tries to expand the soundscape of her life in various ways - from musicological research to music performance, from experimental sound design to film music composition and songwriting. She believes that music writing is borderless, there is no boundary between academia and compositional field regarding to music. Consequently, she keeps composing and working with projects like theatre play, short film, and musical from Taiwan while studying at University of Bristol as a musicology PhD student. In light of the gradual constructed self-identification of the Taiwanese, people put their efforts on the connections of their works to the country. More and more domestic artistic works are characterised as Taiwanese, and so as some of the collaborations Jade has, such as being a producer/composer of an nominated aboriginal album VASA – Kasedas (日出東聲), or as arranger of the musicals incorporating traditional Taiwanese music Mulan the Musical and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Benefited from her compositional career, she is currently working on her PhD dissertation, and expecting to graduate in the early 2019. The dissertation aims at the presentation of the characteristics and tendencies of the music in current Taiwanese films, analysing and thus introducing the music and the culture to international readers. Regarding film music as a bridge, Jade believes that people may appreciate Taiwan’s music/film/culture more."

Major publications


  • Music and Postcolonialism in 'City of Sadness', conference paper, Fu Jen Catholic University Press

(music album)

  • Kasedas – VASA (日出東聲): the popular music version
  • In the Mist of Love - Smoky Bomb (煙霧。瀰漫)

Research interests

Film music, Taiwan film, Taiwan music, glocalisation

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