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Short biography

I graduated with distinction from high school in 2016 with my final paper focusing on the Japanese artist Osamu Tezuka and his impact on Japanese society.

Soon after, I started to study Economics and Socioeconomics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in fall of the same year. I have been interested in the Asia Pacific region since my early childhood and what started as a child’s hobby has gradually developed into a sincere interest particularly in East Asia.

What I find most fascinating about Taiwan is its impact on the global economy despite its modest size and its precarious political situation. Furthermore, I am highly impressed by the fact that Taiwan is one of the very few liberal democracies in Asia with a growing pluralism in media and politics.

As an undergraduate student, I am of course just at the beginning of my academic career, nonetheless I am going to apply for an exchange semester at National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan starting in fall 2018. In addition to my studies at the Vienna University of Economics I plan to enroll in the undergraduate course of Sinology at the University of Vienna in order to expand my knowledge of Taiwan and the captivating region of East Asia.

I hope to be soon able to experience Taiwan at first hand and I am very much looking forward to making contact with like-minded colleagues!

Research interests

Economics, Asia Pacific Studies/Sinology, International Relations

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