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Short biography

Wu Jieh-min is an associate research fellow at the Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. He received his Ph.D. in political science from Columbia University (1998); He was Ann Wang postdoctoral fellow at Fairbank Center, Harvard University (1998-9) and Fulbright senior visiting scholar at sociology department, UCLA (2007-8). He co-founded the Center for Contemporary China (CfCC) at National Tsing Hua University in 2003 and served as the director during 2005-7. His research interests include social movement, democratization, economic development, and Taiwan-China relations. He has published extensively on Taiwan’s democracy, China’s development and Hong Kong’s civic movement. He published Third View of China (第三種中國想像, 2012), co-edited The Era of Significant Changes: Taiwan 1990-2010 (秩序繽紛的年代, 2010), and edited The Double Helix of Power and Capital: A Taiwanese Perspective of China/Cross-Strait Studies (權力資本雙螺旋:台灣視角的中國/兩岸研究, 2013) (all published by Rive Gauche, Taipei). He is currently writing a book manuscript on“The Hegemony of Global Commodity Chains: Taishang and the Rise and Transformation of the Guangdong Model (全球商品鏈霸權邏輯:台商與廣東模式的起源與轉型), and co-editing a book on “The Local Collaborative Mechanism of the China Factor in Taiwan” (中國因素在地協力機制).

Major publications

  • Wu Jieh-min, Tsai Hung-jeng, Cheng Tsu-bang eds., 2017 (forthcoming), China Factor: Influence Mechanism, Local Confederates, and Counter-Actions. Taipei: Rive Gauche. 吳介民、蔡宏政、鄭祖邦主編,2017,《中國因素:影響力機制、在地協力者、與反作用力》。台北:左岸。
  • Wu Jieh-min, 2017 (forthcoming), "Migrant Citizenship Regimes in Globalized China: A Historical-Institutional Comparison," Rural China. Volume 14, No. 1.
  • Wu Jieh-min, 2016, “The China Factor in Taiwan: Impact and Response,” in Gunter Schubert ed., Handbook of Modern Taiwan Politics and Society. Routledge.
  • Wu Jieh-min, 2012. Third View of China (in Chinese). Taipei: Rive Gauche. 吳介民,2012,《第三種中國想像》。台北:左岸。
  • Wu Jieh-min, Yun Fan and Gu Er-The (Thomas Kuo), 2014, eds, The Era of Significant Changes: Taiwan 1990-2010 (in Chinese, second edition) Taipei: Rive Gauche. 吳介民、范雲、顧爾德主編,2014,《秩序繽紛的年代:1990-2010》(二版)。台北:左岸。

Research interests

Social movement, civil society, democratization, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong

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