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Short biography

Dr Jonathan Sullivan is Director of the China Policy Institute at the University of Nottingham, UK. He is also Associate Professor in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham. Dr Sullivan is a China specialist, having spent 20 years studying and visiting China and learning Chinese. He has published widely in academic journals, including many publications in top field journals like the China Quarterly and China Journal, and in the international media. His research falls within the field of political communication. Current research projects include an analysis of the politics of celebrity in China and the political economy of Chinese soccer. Dr Sullivan is founding editor of China Policy Institute: Analysis, a popular online magazine featuring academic commentary on contemporary China. His papers, essays and op-eds are all available at and he Tweets @jonlsullivan.

Major publications

  • Sullivan, J. (2014) China scholars and the media. The China Quarterly 220: 1111-1122.
  • Sullivan, J. (2014) China‚Äôs Weibo: Is faster different? New Media & Society 16(1): 24-37.
  • Sullivan, J. (2013). Electronic resources in the study of elite political behaviour in Taiwan. The China Quarterly 203: 172-188
  • Sullivan, J. and Sapir, E. (2012) Nasty or nice? Explaining positive and negative campaigning in Taiwan. The China Journal 67: 149-68.
  • Sullivan, J. (2011). Is Taiwan Studies in decline? The China Quarterly 207: 706-18.
  • Sullivan, J. and Lowe, W. (2010). Chen Shui-bian: On independence. The China Quarterly 203: 619-38.

Research interests

Political communications, digital politics, internet, media, pop culture

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