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Short biography

Lin Yuju is a research fellow in the Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica. Her major research interest is socio-economic history and maritime history from the seventeenth to twentieth century Taiwan and Asia. Her recent researches focus on the merchant communities in Eastern Asia from 18th century to twentieth century and social customs of coastal villagers in 19th-century Taiwan.

Major publications

She published five books and edited several books, two historical material books as well as several journal articles and book chapters. The books including Transformation of Colonial Frontier by National Policy Company: Operations of Taiwan Developent Corporation in Eastern Taiwan, Taipei: The Institute of Taiwan History, 2011. (Japanese translation, Tokyo: Gygo, 2012); Colonial Frontier: Political and Economic Development in East Taiwan(Taipei: Yuanliu Press, 2007); Historiographical Review of Taiwan History, 1945-2000(Taipei: National Science Council, Executive Yuan, 2004); Local Merchants and their Socio-Economic Network in the Zhuqian Area of Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty(Taipei: Lianjing Press, 2000); Spatial Structure of Ports in Qing Taiwan(Taipei: Zhi Shufang Press, 1996).

Research interests

Taiwan socio-economic history

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