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Major publications

  • 2017. 〈帝国日本の人流と台湾茶業:技手、茶商、通訳〉日本關西學院大學出版會,forthcoming.
  • 2017. 〈宇治茶と台湾烏龍茶:三好徳三郎と日台間における茶の交流〉,《東アジアにおける知の交流:越境、記憶、共存》。台灣大學出版中心,forthcoming.
  • 2016. “The Wu Yuan-sheng Family and Changes in Taipei’s Sha-cha Hot Pot Businesses (1950s-1980s), ” Journal of Chinese Dietary Culture 12 (1), 53-89.
  • 2015. “Migration and Food: The Chaozhou–Shantou Migration to Kaohsiung after WWII and Sha-cha Beef Hot Pot,” Bulletin of Taiwan Historical Research, No. 8, 93-128.
  • 2013. “Travelers under Imperialism: Japanese Teachers between Colonial Taiwan and the Treaty Port Shantou in Southern China (1915−1937).” The 5th Volume of International Junior Scholars on Taiwan History Research, 427−468. Taipei: National Chengchi University.
  • 2012. “The Periphery of Empire: The Japanese Community in Shantou (1904−1937),” The City and the Ocean: Journeys, Memory, Imagination, 122−139, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Research interests

  • Migration and diaspora
  • Food culture in East Asia
  • Colonial Taiwanese history