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Short biography

I completed my MA in Modern Languages and Literature at Roma Tre University in July 2016 with a thesis focused on the relation between Hongkonese and Sinophone Literature, analyzing the works of the indigenous author Xi Xi and the representation of the themes of destiny and identity in five different short stories. Due to a strong interest towards the Sinophone scope, I decided to examine in further details the concept of Sinophone and proposed a PhD research project at Roma Tre University titled Wu Mingyi, Nature Writing and Sinophone Literature. The aim of the project is to analyze the production of Taiwanese author Wu Ming-yi from a Sinophone perspective, focusing on the problem of Taiwanese identity, aborigines and the emergence of a new ecological interest and activism in Taiwan. In order to collect material for the afore-said project, from December 2016 I spent a three-months program in National Taiwan University, financed by the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education.

Research interests

  • Taiwanese contemporary Literature
  • Sinophone Literature
  • Taiwanese nature writing