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Short biography

Dr. Min-Hsiu Liao is a Lecturer at the Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies, Heriot-Watt University, UK. Her research interests lie in the application of discourse and narrative analysis in translation studies. She has investigated the translation of popular science as a new genre in Taiwan, and her recent projects explore how national identities are embedded in narrations and translations in museum exhibitions, including the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum and the Museum of World Religions in Taipei.

Major publications

  • Liao, M-H. (2017) “National Identity, International Visitors: Narration and Translation of the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum.” Museum and Society, 15(1):56-68 (Co-author: Chia-Li Chen).
  • Liao, M-H. (2016). “Translating Time and Space in the Memorial Museum.” Translation Spaces, 5(2), 181-199.
  • Liao, Min-Hsiu (2015) “One Photo, Two Stories: Chinese Photos in British Museums”. East-Asian Journal of Popular Culture, 1(2): 177-191.
  • Liao, Min-Hsiu (2014) “Reading between the Lines: Multidimensional Translation in Tourism Consumption”. Tourism Management 42: 157-164. (Co-authors: Gillian Hogg and Kevin O’Gorman)
  • Liao, Min-Hsiu (2013) “Popularization and translation”, in Y Gambier & L van Doorslaer (eds) Handbook of Translation Studies. vol. 4. Ansterdam: John Benjamins Amsterdam. Pp. 130-133.
  • Liao, Min-Hsiu (2010) "Influence of Translations on Non-Translations: Popular Science as a New Genre in Taiwan". Perspectives: Studies in Translatology 18(2): 127-140.

Research interests

Translation, Museum, Discourse and Identity