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Short biography

Dr. Corcuff is an associate professor of political science at Lyon University, (Institute of Political Studies), researcher at the French Center for the Study of Contemporary China and director of its Taipei office. Specialized on identity politics and the geopolitics of Taiwan, his interests include also Taiwan-China relations over 400 years, interpreting this relation in terms of a “geopolitical liminality”, a concept that encompasses geopolitics, history, ethnicity politics and national identity issues dimensions of the question.

Major publications

  • Memories of the Future. National Identity issues and the search for a new Taiwan (ed.), Armonk, ME Sharpe, 2002
  • 風和日暖。臺灣外省人與國家認同的轉變 (Light wind, warm sun. Taiwan’s Mainlanders and the national identity transition, Taipei, Yunchen, 2004
  • 中華鄰國。臺灣閾境性 (Neighbour of China. The liminality of Taiwan, Taipei, Yunchen, 2011
  • Une tablette aux ancêtres, Paris, L'Harmattan, 2015
  • Taiwan est-elle une île ? Une insularité en question dans la globalisation (ed. with Dr. Jérôme Soldani), Aix-en-Provence, Presses de l'Université de Provence, 2017

Research interests

  • Identity politics
  • Cross-straits géopolitics
  • Taiwan history
  • Folk religion, esp. the cult of ancestors

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