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Short biography

Wei-Ya Lin was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She is currently employed as a research fellow in the project Bi-Musicality at the IVE. Furthermore, she is working for the project Music without Boarders at the Franz Schubert Institute, and as an adjunct lecturer at the Institute of Composition and Electro-Acoustics. In 2006 she completed her M.A. in viola performance with distinction, in 2007 the postgraduate curriculum in chamber music, and she studied composition from 2005 to 2007 at the MDW. In 2015 she received her PhD in Ethnomusicology from the same university for the thesis Music in the Life of the Tao (Taiwanese indigenous ethnic group): Tradition and Innovation, graduation with distinction.

Major publications

  • Lin, Wei-Ya (2015). The Relationship between the Practices of Traditional Singing and Church Hymns in the Society of the Tao (an indigenous ethnic group of Taiwan). In Pal Richter and Lujza Tari’s (ed.) Multipart Music: Individuals and Educated People in Traditional Multipart Music Practices. Budapest: Research Centre for the Humanities HAS. p.416-434.
  • Lin, Wei-Ya (2015). Die Musik im Leben der Tao (taiwanesische indigene Volksgruppe): Tradition und Innovation. Dissertation an der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien.
  • Lin, Wei-Ya und Kretz, Johannes (2015). Sound Articulation–from Ethnomusicology about Taiwanese Aborigines to Contemporary Composition Folclor Si Postfolclor In Contemporaneitate, Materiale Conferintei internationale 11-12 decembrie 2014. Academia de Muzica, Teatru si Arte Plastice, Chisinau. p. 38-45.
  • Lin, Wei-Ya (2013). The Relationship between Music and Taboos in the Society of the Tao (An Indigenous Ethnic Group of Taiwan) in Journal of Creative Communications 8(1). SAGE Publications. p. 45-64. DOI: 10.1177/0973258613512551
  • Lin, Wei-Ya (2013). Mikarayag – Clapping and Singing Gathering of the Tao: Individual Creativity within the Collective Act“ in Ardian Ahmedaja’s (ed.) Local and Global Understandings of Creativities. Multipart music making and the construction of ideas, contexts and contents. CD and DVD with audiovisual examples included. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. p. 232-249.

Research interests

Bi-Musicality, Music of Migrants in Vienna, Music and Minorities, Auditory Knowledge, Music of Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples, Multipart Music

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