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Ming-Yeh T. Rawnsley

It is half way through the year. However as far as EATS is concerned, this is another new beginning in many ways: (1) a new Executive Board was elected at the EATS General Assembly in Portsmouth on 1 May 2014; (2) the new Board convened very soon after the conference in Portsmouth and the preparation for the next conference in Kraków, Poland is well under way; (3) EATS is now on Facebook, although it may take some time before we are able to use the platforms of social media effectively; and (4) EATS is also planning to re-launch a more user-friendly website which interconnects with Facebook and other institutions in the field of Taiwan Studies. Moreover, EATS has initiated two new and exciting projects in 2014, including the EATS Library Grant and the EATS Internship. We look forward to the results of these short-term initiatives upon their completion at the end of the year. We are also anxious to receive comments from members to help us evaluate our various efforts in achieving the long-term aims of EATS, that is, to facilitate the development, sustainability and vitality of Taiwan Studies in Europe.

We are extremely pleased to be able to include a rich line-up in this issue of EATS News. The first section of the newsletter is devoted to Association matters: a joint report by Dr Isabelle Cheng, Dr Jens Damm and Dr Ann Heylen on the 11th EATS convention in Portsmouth, followed by an introduction to the current EATS Board with an emphasis on the two recently elected members, Dr Astrid Lipinsky and Dr Lara Momesso. We also have two contributions from the winners of the 2014 Young Scholar Award – Mr Ek-hong Ljavakaw Sia and Miss Julia Schulz – who tell us about their research and future plans. Then, Professor Bruce Jacobs shares with us his remarkable experiences of talking about Taiwan and the South and East China Seas in China in October 2013. Following Bruce’s reflections, Dr Cecília Mello reveals her fascination with Taiwan through Taiwan cinema, which is followed by Dr Jens Sejrup’s interesting account on working at the intersection of Taiwan Studies and Japan Studies. Our “Institutional Profile” is written by Dr Astrid Lipinsky and we celebrate with her the 5th anniversary of the Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies. Finally in the “Notice Board” we announce the recent movement and publications of EATS members, as well as activities of Taiwan Studies institutions around the world, including EATS.

We hope all EATS members will remember to drop an email to the editor of the newsletter when you have news to share with EATS News ()mytrawnsley@gmail.com). We look forward to hearing from you and to announcing more good news and innovative initiatives within the growing Taiwan Studies community.

Dr Ming-Yeh T. Rawnsley is Secretary-General of EATS Board and Editor of EATS News. She is also Research Associate, Centre of Taiwan Studies, SOAS, University of London and Associate Fellow, China Policy Institute, University of Nottingham.