Ti-han Chang

EATS Board Member, 2022-present

Ti-han Chang is a lecturer (assistant professor) in Asia Pacific Studies at the University of Central Lancashire. Her research focuses on the contemporary eco-literature in Taiwan and its implication in the Asia Pacific region. Ti-han is particularly interested in postcolonial ecocriticism, which draws her attention to topics such as nonhuman agency, borders and nations, climate change and migration. At UCLan, she serves as the deputy head at the Centre of Austronesian Studies (COAST), and further contributes her research works through the Norther Institute of Taiwan Studies (NorITS) and the Centre for Migration, Diaspora and Exile (MIDEX). In the past, Ti-han had served as the treasurer and board member of the Francophone Association of Taiwan Studies (AFET). She was elected as a board member of the European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS) in 2022 and continue to serve till today. Since 2019, she has been engaged with multiple research projects which investigate the Pacific climate migration and the narratives of the displaced. Apart from her academic publications, she also contributes online articles on more general environmental and literature topics for The Conversation and Taiwan Insights. And she also co-hosts Taiwan On-Air Podcast Series with her UCLan colleagues, publishing book or film chats related to contemporary Taiwan studies. Currently, she is preparing her monograph on contemporary eco-writings in Taiwan and two other co-edited books, Taiwan as Ocean (Brill publishing) and A Taiwanese Eco-critical Reader (Columbian University Press). 

Dr Ti-han Chang, lecturer (assistant professor), Asia Pacific Studies, University of Central Lancashire