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Panel Name(s) Paper name
2: Taiwan’s 2004 Presidential Election and its Implications Fiorella Allio Micro-level analysis in the research on electoral culture and representations and national level election. The March 2004 Presidential Election.
Christian Schafferer Newspaper and Television Advertising in the 2004 Taiwan Presidential Election.
3: Change and Continuity between the KMT and DPP eras (1) Dafydd Fell Party Platform Change: Comparing the KMT and DPP eras
Christian Goebel Combating Corruption under Chen Shui-bian
Gunter Schubert Closing the gap? – Taiwan’s political parties and national identity after the 2004 presidential elections
4: Change and Continuity between the KMT and DPP eras (2) Chang Bi-yu Narrating Taiwan: Taiwanese Cultural Policy Since 2000
Flemming Christiansen Constitutional Change and Taiwan’s Democratisation
Huang Yiling Education Reform: Change and Continuity Since the Change in Ruling Parties
5: Taiwan’s Party Politics Robert Ash Economic Policy in the KMT and DPP eras
Christopher Dent Taiwan and the New Regional Political Economy of Asia
Chen I-ru Defending State Autonomy in the Age of Financial Globalisation The case study of financial liberalisation in Taiwan’s stock market
6: Culture and Society Christine Kaemmer Continuity and Change of Values- An Analysis of Literary Textbooks of Taiwanese Junior High Schools
Satoshi Ota Japanese Youth Culture in Taiwan
Stefania Travagnin Master Yinshun and Buddhist Nuns for the human Realm Theory and practice of Renjian Fojiao in Contemporary Taiwan
7: Language and History Ann Heylen Loading the Matrix: Taiwanese in Historical Perspective
Henning Kloter Written Taiwanese: A Complementary Approach
Tzeng Shih-jung Identity and War: the Taiwanese National Consciousness under War Mobilization and Kominka Movement
8: National Identity in Taiwan Stephane Corcuff Is there a Frontier between China and Taiwan?
Mark Harrison Where is Taiwanese Identity?
Perry Johansen Film and politics in Taiwan: The March of Happiness and the Presidential Election 2000
Carol Rennie National Identity in the Work of Overseas women writers from Taiwan
9: Cross Strait Relations Kallio Jyrki and Mikael Mattlin Thinking Outside the One China Box: How to Undo the Gordian Knot in the Cross Strait Impasse
Yasuhiro Matsuda Taiwan’s Presidential Election in 2004: Its impact on the PRC-Taiwan Relations
Uwe Wunderlich Globalisation and Identity Building: A Social Constructivist Approach to Sino Taiwanese Relations
10: International Relations Michael Hoare A Short History of British Government Taiwan Relations
Joji Kijima Taiwan’s Break with Japan: 1972 Revisited
Lin Taiho U.S. nuclear strategy, Missile Defence and the Taiwan Strait