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Panel Name(s) Paper name
1: Taiwan’s External Relations Wu Chi-jen Comparative Study of Hong Kong and Taiwan’s Economic Integration with Mainland China
Esteban, Mario Will Political Liberalisation of Mainland China Reduce the Risk of Military Conflict in the Taiwan Strait?
Muyard, Frank From a Two-Chinas situation to a Taiwanese nation in the making. Realpolitik, national myths and the American factor in the evolution of Taiwan national politics.
2: Taiwan Literature Marchand, Sandrine Utopia and nostalgia: Convergence of two ideals in Chen Yingzhen and Chen Jo-hsi short stories
Fan Ming-ju The Sense of Place in Hwang Chun-ming’s fiction
Anna Maria Paoluzzi From literary pieces to movies: different approaches to intersemiotic translation in modern Taiwan culture
Laureillard, Marie The image of women in the work of Guo Songfen
4: Language, Education and Identity Lams, Lutgard ‘What’s in a Name’: Implications of Linguistic Strategies and Labeling Practices in PRC/ROC Official as well as English-Language Media Discourse on the Cross-Strait Issue and Domestic Taiwanese Politics
Price, Gareth The Language Barrier? Analysing English Language Education in Taiwan
5: Taiwan’s Party Politics Fell, Dafydd Failure and Success of Third Parties in Taiwan
Lin Chiung-chu Party Image and Taiwan’s Electorate, 1992-2000
6: Formosan Taiwan Simon, Scott Taiwan’s Indigenized Constitution: What Place for Aboriginal Formosa?
Adelaar, Alexander Aboriginal Languages of Taiwan: The Case of Siraya
Klöter, Henning Facts and Fantasy about Favorlang: Early European encounters with Taiwan’s languages