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Panel Name(s) Paper name
1: Identity Basics Carsten Storm Dominant Migrants, Migrant’s Culture, Settlement and Identity
2: Global History and Taiwan Ann Heylen Writing Taiwan History: Interpreting the Past in the Global Present
Michael Hoare Taiwan’s darker past: Emerging histories of the World-war II prisoner of war camps
Tsung-ming Chen The inculturation of Taiwanese Catholic Church during Chiang Kai-shek’s government: identity heading for the sinisation and its international action
3: Identity Markers Bi-yu Chang The Nationalisation of Nature: Yushan, Modern Myth and Taiwanese Identity
Chen Long-ting From Local Theatre to National Symbol of Identification: Process of Taiwanisation in The Theatre Po-te-hì
4: New Features of Political Life in Taiwan Francesca Congiu National Identity and the Weakness of Taiwanese Organized Labour
Norman Peng Image building in Taiwan’s Political Advertising – Exploring How Audiences Evaluate Celebrity Endorsement and Emotional Appeal Advertisements
Bogdan S. Zemanek We are not Chinese: the Taiwanese self-image as presented by the pro-independence media
5: Economic Reforms and Global Challenges Leou Chia-feng Financial liberalization under political democratization: the long journey of the state-owned banks’ privatization in Taiwan
Joseph Lin The Changing Role of the State in Taiwan’s Financial Development
Béatrice Knerr Food Security vs. WTO membership in Taiwan
6: History: Norms vs. Practice Henning Klöter Between ideology and functionality: The choice of a language in Japanese Taiwan
Hsu Hung Bin Who is smoking opium in Taiwan? Opium statistics and its meaning in colonial Taiwan
7: Cross-Strait Relations: the Security Dimensions Monique Ming-chin Chu Controlling the Uncontrollable: The Migration of the Taiwanese Semiconductor Industry to China and Its Security Repercussions
Mathieu Duchâtel Taiwan’s Economic Policy towards China under Chen Shui-bian (2000-2005): Direct Cross-strait Transportation as the Missing Link between Taiwan and Global Economic Networks?
8: Memory and Forgetting Sandrine Marchand A Jump over the Gap of History: An Incursion in Wang Wenxing’s Fictions
Li-Ju Hong Contesting Memory: Shifting Power of Narrating in Contemporary PaiwanContexts
Scott Simon Remembrance as Resistance: Social Memory and Social Movement on Indigenous Formosa
9: All Politics is Local Perry Santos The Rise of the Local Politician in Taiwan
Juha Tähkämaa Electoral Management in Taiwan: The KMT and Local Factions 1949-2000
10: Regional Integration and Transnational Networks Jean-Charles Lagrée Students Mobility in Asia: the case of Taiwan
Ping Lin Two Models of Migration: migration to survive or migration to fulfil dream-Taiwanese Immigrants in Dongguan and Shanghai in China