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Panel Name(s) Paper name
1: NATIONAL IDENTITY AND NATIONALISM Jens Damm Are Taiwanese “Zhongguoren ” or “huaren” – and who are the “Overseas Chinese”?
Hwang Yih-jye Election Campaign, Commemoration of the 2-28 Incident, and the Formation of Taiwanese National Identity
2: LANGUAGE, LITERATURE AND HISTORY Ann Heylen What the Comics Say: Language during Japanese Rule in Taiwanese History
Henning Kloeter Lien Heng as a linguist: A critical assessment
Anna Maria Paoluzzi The Sorcerer and the Scientist: images of Eastern and Western medicine in Taiwan Literature
3: DOMESTIC POLITICS Liu Nien-Hsia Party identification, candidate evaluations, and voting in Taiwan’s Presidential Elections, 1996-2004
4: COMMUNITY CONSTRUCTION AND TOURISM Chen Jui-Hua Building A New Society On the Base of Locality – Social Landscapes in the Movement of Community Construction
Chen Yi-fang Producing for orders or tourists? Shifting values of the local craft production, an encounter with tourism
5: SOCIAL MOVEMENTS Chiang Min-chin The Hallway of Memory—A Case Study on the Diversified Interpretation of Cultural Heritage in Taiwan
André Laliberté Philanthropic societies and the development of the welfare state in Taiwan
6: TRADE FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Huang Yu-Wen Liberalisation and Regulatory Reform in the Telecommunications Market: The Taiwan Story
Chun-Yi Lee The Economic Spill-Over Effect: Taiwanese Businessmen as Political Assets of the Chinese Government
Tai Hsiao-Hui Conflict or Cooperation: the Interactive Nature of Trade Unions and Management in Workplaces in Taiwan
7: TAIWAN IN THE WORLD V.A.Meliantsev Taiwan: assessing national competitiveness in the regional and world economy
Bruno Coppieters The EU and Cross-Strait Relations: European Policies towards the Greater China Centre and Periphery
8: ANTHROPOLOGY Ewa Chmielowska & Shih Fu-Sheng Zuoyuezi, Traditional Postpartum Care in Modern Taiwan: A Physical Anthropology Perspective
9: 228 Chang, Lung-chih A Tragic Beginning Remembered: Reflections on the Dual History of the February 28 Incident in Post-Martial Law Taiwan
Michael Hoare A retrospective of the 1997 228 50th Anniversary Congress in Taipei
Lin Pei-yin Memory, History, and Identity: Representations of the February 28th Incident in Taiwanese Literature
10: LAW Tak-Wing Ngo The Absence of Lustration/Transitional Justice and its Implications for Taiwan’s Democratic Governance
11: CULTURE AND AREA STUDIES Chang Bi-yu The Imagined Geography: The Spatial Construction in Post-war Taiwan (1945-1980)
Ying Qian Reception of Taiwanese Literature in 1980s Mainland
12: TAIWAN’S DIPLOMATIC SPACE Mario Esteban The Democratization of the PRC and Military Conflict in the Taiwan Strait
Jeremy Taylor The unexpected embassy: establishing, maintaining and ending Australian diplomatic representation in Taipei, 1966-1972
Sigrid Winkler EU-Taiwan Relations in the WTO: The Question of International Status
13: POLITICAL COMMUNICATIONS, POLARIZATION AND NATIONALISM Dafydd Fell The Polarization of Taiwan’s Party Competition in the DPP Era
Ewa Rzanna Merits and pitfalls of defensive nationalism
Jon Sullivan Advertising in Taiwanese Presidential elections: Evaluating the hazards of negativity
14: MA PANEL Charles I-Hsin Chen Where Is The Credibility From? An Examination On Institutional Environment For Taiwanese Capital In Chinese Pearl River Delta
Benjamin Hlavaty The Tradition of the Traveling Folk Musician as Manifested by Ch’en Ming-chang, and His Continuation of Taiwanization as Perpetuated by the Nativist Literary Movement