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Panel Name(s) Paper name
Keynote speech Murray Rubistein Is Taiwan Studies Dead? The Death and Transfiguration of a Sub-field
Wu Naiteh Searching for the Democratic Citizenry
Taiwanese Democracy: A Model for Mainland China and Hong Kong? Cheng Tun-jen Democracy in East Asia: its Discontents and its Audience
Social Realism Lin Pei-Yin From Enlightenment to Resistance: The Function and Limits of Social Realism in Taiwanese Literature
A New Start? ‘in Cross Strait Relations Lin Wen-cheng Taiwan’s Democratization, Statehood Building and Cross-strait Relations
Stefan Fleischauer Non-state Negotiations between China and Taiwan – on the Road to European-style Integration?
Domestic Politics Gordon C. K. Cheung To Be or Not to Be Chinese: The Construction of Liminal Identity of the Taiwanese
Lo Chih-Chiang & Chen I-Hsin Changed vs. Unchanged—DPP Candidates’ China Discourses in 2004 and 2008 Taiwan Presidential Elections
The Role of the Media in Taiwan ‘s Politics and Society Sandrine Marchand Crossed looks between waishengren 外省人and bendiren 本地人 in Taiwanese literature (1947-2000)
Economics and Business Christopher Dent Taiwan and the New East Asian Regionalism
1949-2009: 60 Years of the ROC” in the Field of History and Social Sciences Chen Yujen From “Public Canteen” to State Banquet: The Changing Social Stratification and Nationhood Embodied in “Taiwanese Cuisine” (1945-2006)
Law and International Relations Michael Romancov & Magda Leichtová Kosovo, Ossetia and Abkhazia- A New Strategy of Superpowers? Challenges and Risks for Taiwan
History and Geography Ann Heylen Observing Language and Ideology through Life Histories in Taiwan
Chen Yu-Wen Janus-Face of Maps: Geographic Reality versus Imagination in Taiwan’s Historical Maps