Faculty of Education (Facultad de Profesorado), Main Conference Room (Salón de Actos) C/ Franciso Tomás y Valiente, 3

15:00 – 15:15
Welcoming Remarks
  • Robert Ash (Director of the SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies)
  • Mario Esteban (Assistant Professor, Autonomous University of Madrid)
  • Taciana Fisac (Director of the Centre for East Asian Studies)
  • Francisco L. Y. Huang (Head of the Taipei Representative Office)
  • Huberto Marraud (Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts)
15:15 – 16:00
Keynote speech 1:

Is Taiwan Studies Dead? The Death and Transfiguration of a Sub-field
Murray Rubistein (Baruch College – The City University of New York)

16:00 – 16:45
Keynote speech 2:

Searching for the Democratic Citizenry
Wu Naiteh (Institute of Sociology – Academia Sinica)


April 17, 2009 (Friday)


Faculty of Philosophy (Facultad de Filosofía) C/ Franciso Tomás y Valiente, 1


9:00 – 10:30
Video Room I (Sala de vídeo II), Mod. II
Taiwanese Democracy: A Model for Mainland China and Hong Kong?
Video Room II (Sala de vídeo II), Mod. IV
Social Realism
Designing an All-inclusive Legal System. The Gender Equity Education Act and its Impact on
Women’s Democratic Participation in Taiwan
Astrid Lipinksy
(Vienna University)
Taiwanese New Realism (1948) in a Comparative Perspective
Tá?a Dluhošová
(Charles University)
Democracy in East Asia: its Discontents and its Audience
Cheng Tun-jen
(College of William and Mary)
From Enlightenment to Resistance: The Function and Limits of Social Realism in Taiwanese Literature Lin Pei-Yin (Cambridge University)
Where Minds meet. The ‘Professionalization’ of Cross-Strait Academic
Günter Schucher
How To Be Social and Realistic – The Debate on Social Realism and Xiangtu Wenxue in Taiwan Carsten Storm (Ruhr-University)

Coffee Break

11:00- 13:00
Video Room I (Sala de vídeo II), Mod. II
A New Start? ‘in Cross Strait Relations
Video Room II (Sala de vídeo II), Mod. IV
Cultural Studies
Can the coming cross-strait negotiations be successfully managed?
Tom Hart (Stockholm School of Asian Studies)
Divination and Modernity: Fortune-telling in Contemporary Taiwan
Stephanie Homola
What Peace? Whose Security? A Critical Assessment of Taiwan-China Direct
Transportation Agreements and Proposed Cross-Strait Common Market

Wu Chien-hui
(European University Institute)
White Noise: the Representation of Modernity in the Films of Bai Jing-rui
Andy Birtwistle
(Canterbury Christ Church University)
Taiwan’s Democratization, Statehood Building and Cross-strait Relations
Lin Wen-cheng
(National Sun Yat-sen University)
(Re)Encountering the Other: Cross-cultural Negotiation in Edward Yang’s Yi yi
David Martinez-Robles
and Carles Prado-Fonts (Catalonia Open University)
Non-state Negotiations between China and Taiwan – on the Road to European-style Integration?
Stefan Fleischauer (University of Tuebingen)
Taiwan’s Representation in the International Film Circuit: Western Spectatorship and Taiwan’s National Identity
Viviana González
(Autonomous University of Madrid)
Cross-Strait Relations under Ma Ying-jou’s government: Prospects and Challenges
Andrew Yang
(National Sun Yat-sen University)
13:00- 14:00
Lunch Break


14:00- 16:00

Video Room I (Sala de vídeo II), Mod. II
Domestic Politics

14:00- 15:00

Video Room II (Sala de vídeo II), Mod. IV
The Role of the Media in Taiwan ‘s Politics and Society

Continuity and Change in Politicians’ Satisfaction with Nomination Systems in Taiwanese Political Parties: 2001 vs. 2008
Dafydd Fell
(School of Oriental and Asian Studies)
Taiwan and Cyber East Asia. Web 2.0, Globalization, and (Re)Construction of Identities
Katarzyna Pawlak (Polish Academy of Science)
To Be or Not to Be Chinese: The Construction of Liminal Identity of the Taiwanese
Gordon C. K. Cheung
(University of Durham)
Discourse Analysis of Major Taiwanese Newspapers and Magazines for the Year 2008
Ond?ej Ku?era (Palacký University)
Changed vs. Unchanged—DPP Candidates’ China Discourses in 2004 and 2008 Taiwan Presidential Elections
Lo Chih-Chiang (Central News Agency)
Chen I-Hsin (SOAS)
15:00- 16:00

Video Room II (Sala de vídeo II), Mod. IV
Taiwanese Literature

Communication, Connectivity, and the Constituency: An Analysis of Taiwanese Legislator’s
Blogging Practices

Jonathan Sullivan (University of Nottingham )
Crossed looks between waishengren ???and bendiren ??? in Taiwanese literature (1947-2000) Sandrine Marchand (University of Artois)
Can They Be Us? National Identity and the Formation of Immigration Policy in Taiwan
Hung Wei-lien (Duisburg-Essen University)
From the Quest for Love/knowledge towards the Magic of Alternative Worlds – The change of ‘dominant’ in the works of Su Weizhen?
Jana Benesova (National Chengchi University)

Coffee Break


EATS General Assembly, Video Room I (Sala de vídeo II), Mod. II


Conference Dinner


April 18, 2009 (Saturday)


Faculty of Philosophy (Facultad de Filosofía) C/ Franciso Tomás y Valiente, 1

9:30- 11:00
Video Room I (Sala de vídeo II), Mod. II
Economics and Business
Video Room II (Sala de vídeo II), Mod. IV
1949-2009: 60 Years of the ROC” in the Field of History and Social Sciences
Taiwan and the New East Asian Regionalism
Christopher Dent
(University of Leeds)
The Elaboration of a “Native Historiography” (bentu shixue) in Taiwan (1972-2004)
Damien Morier-Genoud
Has Taiwanese investment triggered an emergence of civil society in China?
Lee Chun-Yi
(University of Nottingham)
Taiwan Studies in the People´s Republic of China
Hardina Ohlendorf
The “Island of Bosses” – Theorizing on Taiwan’s Entrepreneurship
Jeannine Ziegler
From “Public Canteen” to State Banquet: The Changing Social Stratification and Nationhood Embodied in “Taiwanese Cuisine” (1945-2006)
Chen Yujen
(Leiden University)
11:00- 11:30
Coffee Break

Video Room I (Sala de vídeo II), Mod. II
Law and International Relations


Video Room II (Sala de vídeo II), Mod. IV
History and Geography

A New Era for Taiwan in International Organizations?
Sigrid Winkler
(Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Three Decades of Cartographic Blankness in Post-war Taiwan
Chang Bi-yu (School of Oriental and Asian Studies)
Kosovo, Ossetia and Abkhazia- A New Strategy of Superpowers? Challenges and Risks for Taiwan Michael Romancov (Metropolitan University Prague)
Magda Leichtová (University of West Bohemia)
Observing Language and Ideology through Life Histories in Taiwan
Ann Heylen (National Taiwan Normal University)
The Weight of Taiwan in China’s Foreign Policy towards Africa and Latin America: the Battle for Diplomatic Recognition in Cross Strait Relations
Carmen Mendes (University of Coimbra)
Maite Iturre (University of the Basque Country)
Daniel Nascimento (University of Coimbra)
Janus-Face of Maps: Geographic Reality versus Imagination in Taiwan’s Historical Maps
Chen Yu-Wen (University of Konstanz)
13:00- 14:00
14:00- 16:00
Video Room I (Sala de vídeo II), Mod. II
MA Panel
The “Waishengren” Phenomenon and its Evolution
Zhou Mingchao and Yin Ming (University of Lyon)
Electoral and Media Fields in Taiwan : Language Use of the Candidates during the 2008 Presidential Campaign
Yoann Goudin (INALCO)
Cross-Strait Business and Identity
Daniel S. Mojahedi (SOAS)
Forming a Foundation for Distinction: The Construction of a Taiwanese Hakka Identity through Social Policy since 1987
Minna Hsu (SOAS)
16:00 – 17:30

Video Room I (Sala de vídeo II), Mod. II
Closing Session: state and challenges of Taiwan Studies in Europe