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Panel Name(s) Paper name
TFD Panel: Taiwan’s Democratization and Cross-Strait Relations WU Nai-teh & T.J. CHENG Democratic Reform as the Last Formula for Legitimacy
Alex TAN Democratic Politics, Institutional Complexities and Cross-Strait Relations
John Fuh-sheng HSIEH Confucian Culture and Democracy: The Case of Taiwan and Its Implications for China
1: The Subjectivity of Taiwan Stéphane CORCUFF The Fall of the Last Zheng & the Conclusion of the First Taiwan Strait Crisis:Diplomacy of Faith and Face in Zheng Keshuang’s 1683 Submission to the Qings
Chao-ying LEE Taiwan’s Appearance in the Eighteenth-Century Travel Writing: Taking the text of Histoire générale des voyages written by Prévost as example
Wen-chuan HUANG Street Names and The Subjectivity of Taiwan
Tsung-hua YANG Mapping Ideology: The Cartography of National Identity and the Emergence of Taiwan’s Geobody in Junior High School Geography Textbooks
2: Taiwanese Religious Beliefs and Practices in a Global Era Fabian GRAHAM Reciprocity and the Cosmic Creation of Worldly Debt: the New Money God Cults of Taiwan
Mark GESSAT The Vegetarian Movement in Post-Authoritarian Taiwan
3: Youth Culture and Media Yi-cheng TSAI and Min-xu ZHAN Self-Making and the Gaze of the Other in Taiwanese Cyberspace: A Case Study of Facebook
Kai SHENG The Art of Kuso: The Parody of Chun-Ming Hou’s The Illustrated Instructions of Astrology
4: Documentary Film and Cinema Studies Wafa GHERMANI Taiwan Modernization in 1960s Mandarin and Taiwanese Language Films
Ya-Feng MON The Audience Starts to Think, Yet the Industry Can’t Laugh— Film Marketing and the Dynamic Politics of the Popular
5: Society, Environment, Industrial & Natural Risks Fu-Lin CHENG The Implication of the Principle of Common but Differential Responsibility on the Making of Climate Change Policy and Law in Taiwan
Suyu LIU An Ignored Aspect in the Aftermath of Taiwan Calamities: the Psychological Intervention on the Feeling of Unequal
6: A Hundred Years of R.O.C. History Paul Jen-kuei LI The Centennial History of Linguistics in R.O.C.
Stefan HAHN Lei Chen – a Strive for Change in Dire Times
Shih-shan H. TSAI Rising World Socialism and the Taiwanese Peasant Movement, 1925-1934
7: Governance and Civil Society in Taiwan Yoshihisa AMAE A Walk through History: Local Identities, Memories, and Cultural Representation in Taiwan’s Public Park
Astrid LIPINSKY Localizing Gender Equality Policies in Taiwan: The Taiwan Gender Equality Education Association TGEEA and the Gendering of Schools
8: International Relations David COATES UK/Taiwan: Negotiations with a Country that Never is: a case study
Thomas B. GOLD Taiwan’s Presentation of Self in International Life
Sigrid WINKLER Taiwan’s Sovereignty: How to Overcome Sovereignty Concerns in the EU Policy Toward Taiwan’s Participation in International Organizations
9: History Jens DAMM Taiwanese in Xiamen during the Early 20th Century and Today: A Comparative Analysis
Ann HEYLEN The Colonial Town Zeelandia in 17th Century Dutch Formosa. Contextualizing Brievenboek, Kerkboek van Formosa (1642-1660)
10: Politics of Identity Kai-Jung YUAN Lost of Identity – Women in Taiwan’s Party Politics: The Case Study of the 2008 Legislative Yuan Election
Michael DANIELSEN Democracy Develops a Common Taiwan Identity
11: ECFA and Economic Issues Stefan FLEISCHAUER Cross-Strait Relations after ECFA: Towards Political Integration?
12: Electoral and Party Politics Elena STEPANOVA Women Political Representation in Taiwan: problems and trends
13: Rewriting Taiwanese Literature Tána DLUHOŠOVÁ Supplement Taiwan funü – a Different Literary Style of Post-war Taiwan Literature?
Carsten STORM Fictionalising Reality. A Taiwanese Case in the Debate on Realism and Fictionality
14: Sport and Leisure in Taiwan Jérôme SOLDANI Contested Representations of Taiwanese Baseball: Po-litical Interpretations and Moral Values of a National Sport