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Panel Name(s) Paper name
1: Popular Culture Corrado NERI The Haunted Island: Reflections Of Japanese Colonisation In Taiwan Cinema
2: Cross-Strait and International Relations Wen-cheng LIN The USA-PRC Conflict and Cooperation on the Taiwan Issue since 2000 Abstract
4: Elections Dafydd FELL Party switching under the new electoral system: evidence from during the first Ma term (2008-2012)
WANG Ningkang, Heidi Locating negativity to the context in Taiwan Presidential Elections: a battle of priming issues
KAEDING, Malte Philipp From (New) Taiwanese and ROC citizens: the evolution of national identity in Presidential election campaign advertisements 1996-2012
5: History and Modernization Petr PRIBYLA Legitimizing Taiwanese Regime: Kuomintang’s Quest for Legitimacy And National Identity after 1949
LIN, Guan-Chun III Body or III Society?: The Modern Chinese Body Concept and Its Interactions with the Society in the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Ann HEYLEN Exploring the heritage trajectory of the Dutch Red Haired Castle in Tamsui
6: Taiwan’s Media Jens SEJRUP Awakening the Sufferers: Mass Media Representation of Taiwanese Victims of Japanese Colonial Oppression
Pei TSAI & Ming-jay CHANG The Dilemmatic Practice of public journalism in Tai-wanese aboriginal newspaper:A case study on “Austronesian News” and “Indigenous Voice Post”
7: Law Astrid LIPINSKY United Nations Conventions in Taiwan: On an Commitment without UN Membership
8: Taiwan’s Ethnic Groups in Times of Multiculturalism Isabelle CHENG Knowing You, Knowing Me: An Examination of the Multiculturalism Discourse from the Lived Experiences of Marriage Immigrant Women in Taiwan
Lara MOMESSO Marriage migrants telling their stories: a case study of Chinese spouses in Taiwan
Michael RUDOLPH The quest for ethnic re-classification in multiculturalist Taiwan: the case of the Sakizaya
10: Economy Zsuzsanna MANGU Corporate Reputation and National image building in Taiwan: A proposed model
11: Research on Taiwan’s Indigenous Peoples Kerim P. FRIEDMAN Standardizing Local Identity: Amis (Pangcah) Language Standardization And The Production Of Indigenous Identity In Taiwan
Wen-Li KE Indigenous Heritage and Culture and Creative Industries in Taiwan
14: Taiwan’s Changing Geopolitical Situation Sebastian BIBA The Strategic Triangle Approach: A Concept Still Fit to Explain Cross-Strait Relations from an International Perspective?
Alex CALVO Island Democracies Under Threat: Taiwan, The Senkaku, And The Falkands
Jens DAMM The Impact of Recent Developments in Cross-Strait Relations on Perceptions of the Migrant Other
Lutgard LAMS Negotiating (de)localization processes in the Taiwanese English-language press narratives during electoral times