About University of Southern Denmark

University of Southern Denmark has more than 20,000 students and more than 3,200 employees. The university offers teaching and research at 6 campuses in Odense (central campus), Kolding, Esbjerg, Slagelse, Copenhagen, and Sønderborg (description of Campus Sønderborg see at the bottom).

University of Southern Denmark has created an institution of higher research and education which provides first-class educational opportunities and is cooperation partner for both public and private businesses and organisations for providing qualified labour.

The University of Southern Denmark consists of five faculties: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Business and Social Sciences.

Campus Sønderborg

The University and the local companies are closely connected in Sønderborg. The main aim is to create synergy between students, researches and companies in order to facilitate i.e. entrepreneurship and innovation. This ensures an attractive study environment and a flow of knowledge which all parties benefit from.

The focus areas at University of Southern Denmark, campus Sønderborg are:

  • Engineering
  • Business studies
  • Border region studies

In the Sønderborg area engineering within the areas of Mechatronics (mechanics, electronics and software), Innovation management and Design are central to local industry and are therefore also core areas of both research and study programmes at the Mads Clausen Institute.

Within Social Sciences focus is on marketing, innovation and business relations and the studies are managed by the Department of Border Region Studies.

The Institute of Business Communication and Information Science which belongs to the Faculty of Humanities and which is also represented at two other campuses of SDU offers study programmes within cross-cultural communication and language. The institute is serious about the term “cross border collaboration”, as a couple of its study programmes are taught both in Denmark and in Germany. The study programme “BA and MA in Business, Language, and Culture (Chinese)” is attached to this institute.