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Panel Name(s) Paper name
MA Panel Chiu Hsiao-Chiao An anthropological study of memory and the multiplicity of identity in the post-militarised Kinmen
TFD Panel Ketty Chen Regional security and peace in the Taiwan Strait: The direction of Taiwan’s foreign policy in the changing balance of power
1a: SMALL ISLANDS, BIG ISSUES: TAIWAN AND IRELAND IN COMPARISON Shih Fang-long Imagining an alternative future for Taiwan: Via comparison with Ireland
Rev. John McNEIL SCOTT Forty shades of green or fifty shades of grey: Presbyterian Christianity and issues of identity in Taiwan and Ireland
1b: TAIWAN’S NONABORIGINAL LITERATURE Yvonne Chang Sung-sheng Critical approaches to ‘Taiwanese vernacular script movement’ in the Sinosphere: A theoretical contemplation
Táňa DLUHOŠOVÁ Europeans in Taiwan: 17th century in the post-war literary writings
Lin Tzuyu A second translation in Taiwanese Diasporic literature: Re-reading Weng Nao
1c: MIGRATIONS AND NEW MEMBERS Isabelle Cheng Which team do you support? The inbetween identity of immigrant women in Taiwan
Joy LIN Chun-yu An examination of Taiwanese government funded literacy programme for marriage immigrants from Southeast Asian countries and China
Lara Momesso From being someone to be becoming noone: the lived experiences of ‘exceptional’ Chinese spouses
Keynote speech Elizabeth Zeitoun Language contact and language change among the Formosan languages: an exemplification with Saisiyat
2a: RELIGIOUS ISSUES IN TAIWAN Fabienne JAGOU The Dalai Lama in Taiwan: Tibetan religious leader, begging monk or political strategist?
Andre LALIBERTÉ Taiwan’s ‘Buddhism for this world’ at a crossroad
2b: INDIGENOUS LITERATURE LIN Peiyin Voice from the margin: gender and ethnicity in the works of Rimuy Aki
Federica PASSI The role and importance of Aborigines in the creation of a Taiwanese literature
Gwennaël GAFFRIC Do waves have memories? Environmental issues in Syaman Rapongan’s writing
3a: NEW PERSPECTIVES ON TAIWAN’S INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Dennis v. HICKEY The East China Sea peace initiative policies, problems and prospects
Reinhard BIEDERMANN Taiwan’s participation in transnational governance mechanisms
Malte Philipp KAEDING A Hongkongisation of Taiwan? Taiwanese perceptions of Hong Kong’s development, economic integration and United Front work
3b: MEDIA INDUSTRIES Corrado NERI Negotiating neighbourhood: immigration and foreign labour in recent Taiwanese cinema
Jens SEJRUP Instrumentalized history and the motif of repetition in news coverage of Japan-Taiwan relations
Stefano CENTINI Representations, confrontations and co-operation in film and television coproduction between Taiwan and China
3c: CROSS-STRAIT POLITICS SINCE THE 2012 ELECTIONS LIN Chiung-chu National identity and attitudes towards China: A generational perspective
CHOU Muyi China’s authoritarian diffusion effects on Taiwan
4a: CRAFTING NEW POLITICAL SPACES AND VISIBILITIES Jens DAMM Cross-Strait cyberspace and its influence on the establishment of a public sphere in China
TSAI Pei & CHANG Ming-jay The challenge of globalization of Taiwan Indigenous TV: A comparative study among TITV and Māori Television
Astrid LIPINSKY Taiwan at the UN Commission on the Status of Women and the Women’s movement
4b: CULTURAL FLOWS Carsten STORM The texture of youth, locality and globality in Edward Yang’s A Brighter Summer Day
Ann HEYLEN Appropriating Taiwan manga culture through manga Taiwanshi and forms of political satire
SUNG Sang-Yeon Constructing national image through popular music
LIU Chu-ying The Image of the Female Singer-The Structural Characteristics of Female Stardom in the Taiwanese Mandopop Music Video
5a: TAIWAN HISTORY LIN Yuju Trade, local affairs, and Formation of Taiwanese merchant communities in mid-18th century
Niki ALSFORD A fanzailou by the River Tamsui
5b: ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES & TOURISM Simona GRANO Perception of risk towards nuclear in Taiwan and Hong Kong
Alice DESNOS The role of industrial heritage in identity issues: the touristification of sugar mills in Taiwan
6a: DOMESTIC POLITICS: A NEIGHBOURING CONTEXT Mark WEATHERALL The institutionalization of Taiwan’s party system in regional perspective
Agata FIJAŁKOWSKA Strawberries are getting wild: New wave of student movement on Taiwan and its relation with mainland China and HK
6b: ECONOMIC INTEGRATION AND TRADE ACROSS THE TAIWAN STRAIT Charles CHEN I-Hsin Escaping from the China Swirl? The prospective of cross-strait relations under increasing economic interdependence
Qin TANG Convergence through regulations? Institutional reform in China and Taiwan for a sustainable Cross-Strait economic growth under the WTO
Myron CHIU Jenping Special treatment? The effectiveness of Chinese preferential policy on Taiwanese investment in China since the late 1980s
7: HISTORICAL GEOPOLITICS OF TAIWAN KINOSHITA Naoko Relationship between Taiwan, the Ryukus and Fujian during the 10th – 15/16th centuries as seen from trade porcelain
Stéphane CORCUFF The fall of Zheng Taiwan and the geopolitics of the Formosa Strait in the late Seventeenth century: A commentary n Zheng Ke-shuang’s 1683 petition to Kangxi
Dean KARALEKAS Mapping Taiwan’s complexity in the world