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Panel Name(s) Paper name
1: Taiwan in International Disputes Wen-cheng Lin DPP’s China policy: how to balance ideal with reality?
Saša Istenic Media coverage of the Senkaku/Diaoyu/Diaoyutai Islands Disputes and Taiwan’s image in Slovenia
Misato Matsuoka (& Michal Thim) Taiwan-Japan relations as a complementary counter-balance to cross-strait relations: The case of Diaoyutai/Senkaku dispute
2: Cross-Strait Relations Shiau-chi Shen The impact of a rising China on Taiwan’s national identity
Jasper Green Agency and the state: Taiwan’s state apparatus and cross-strait economic integration
Chuanzhe Shao Issues of power and culture in a mixed marriage between Chinese and Taiwanese: Managing the interaction in daily life
3: Law, Human Rights and Cultural Landscape Barbora Platzerova Conflict of laws between Mainland and Taiwan: ‘mixed’ marriages
Jau-hwa Chen & Fang-ching Leung (& Yu-chih Kao) Due process and human rights discourses in Free China: An intercultural philosophical inquiry
4: Media and Identity Bogdan Zemanek We are democrats. Stability of themes in Taipei Times editorials during presidential campaigns 2000-2012
Vladimir Stolojan Lost in transition: democratic Taiwan and its former self
Jens Sejrup Reliving the past: the narrative themes of repetition and continuity in Japan-Taiwan news coverage
Feng-yi Chu Benevolent self vs. malign other: two moral dualistic narratives of Taiwanese people’s Chinese identity
5: Historical and Contemporary Interconnectivity Denisa Hilbertova The So-called republic: Czechoslovak Communist propaganda concerning Taiwan
Ann Heylen Travel and mobility in 17th century Taiwan
Lisa Bauer Minimal art or Chinese traditional painting? Taiwan’s art historical selfnarration mirrored in the reading of Richard Lin’s oeuvre
Henning Klöter A forgotten essay about the Taiwanese language by a Taiwanese scholar at a Japanese university during his stay in Beijing: Guo Mingkun and his article “Holo oe” (1935)
6: Election Naiteh Wu China framing Taiwan’s electoral competition?
7: Contact Zone in Literature and Popular Culture Ti-han Chang The role of the ecological other in contesting postcolonial identity politics: an analysis on Wu Ming-yi’s literary criticism, essays and fictional writings
Carsten Storm Visions of Japan: an entangled self in the work of Hou Hsiao-hsian and Edward Yang
Julia Schulz English insertions in Taiwan Mandarin
8: Public Diplomacy Colin Alexander More sub-state than nation-state: the contemporary public diplomacy of Taiwan and Scotland in comparison
Shu-shiun Ku Culture, economy and policy: the emergence of cultural and creative industries in Taiwan
Pei-yin Lin Beyond national boundaries: Teresa Teng (1953-1995) and her sonorous flow in an East Asian context
9: Governance for What?: Societal and Governmental Perspectives Kailing Luo Governmental board: puppet master or puppet?
Ek-hong Ljavakaw Sia When weak communities meet strong NGOs: collaborative governances in the post-disaster reconstruction
MA Panel Amira Signorini Syaman rapongan: strategies of indigeneity within cultural and linguistic interference: case study of the novel ‘Tiankong de yanjing’ (the Eyes of the Sky)
Magdaléna Masláková The conflict of identities? The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan and its fight for national Taiwanese identity
Kai Yue Theodore Charm The transformation of the Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) legislative candidate selection system after 2008