The 2015 EATS Conference will take place in the ancient capital of Poland, Kraków – one of the best preserved medieval urban settings in Europe, UNESCO Heritage Site and European Capital of Culture for the year 2000. Two confirmed keynote speakers are Professor Gary Rawnsley (Aberystwyth University), the first chair of public diplomacy in the UK, and Professor Chris Berry (King’s College London), professor of film studies. The conference dates are 8–10 April 2015.

The main theme is (In)Visible Taiwan, which addresses issues about Taiwan and the field of Taiwan Studies that may appear paradoxical from interdisciplinary perspectives. For example, while democratisation is arguably the most significant development in modern Taiwan, what are the hidden challenges that need to be identified and resolved? While some may praise Taiwan’s economic power, others may be disappointed in the lack of global recognition of Taiwanese brands. Is the perceived ‘problem’ a real problem? If so, why and are there any sensible solutions? Given the difficult international situation that Taiwan faces, how should we put Taiwan’s effort in claiming an international presence – politically and culturally, officially and unofficially – into context? How may we evaluate appropriately Taiwan’s (in)visibility? Moreover, how have the contributions of artists, writers, filmmakers and various cultural and creative workers sustained, enriched and articulated Taiwan’s vibrant and multi-faceted cultures? How may the scholarly communities of Taiwan Studies further engage with different disciplines and advance our understanding of Taiwan?

We welcome submission of individual abstracts which tackle the main theme of the conference from all disciplines of social sciences and arts and humanities. We also welcome submission of panels (3–4 abstracts per panel) which consider the issues of (in)visibility within or outside Taiwan from the viewpoint of a specific subject/topic. Furthermore, EATS will organize a MA panel for students to practice their presentation skills and to receive critical feedback. The MA panel is not confined by the theme of the conference, although it should be relevant to the broadly defined field of Taiwan Studies.

For individual submission, please write an abstract of 300–500 words, including 3–5 keywords listed by the EATS website. For the submission to the MA panel, please write an abstract of 300 words on a topic of your choice. For panel submission, please prepare a ONE PAGE description of the panel (including the title and rationale of the panel plus the titles of 3–4 proposed papers), together with all proposed abstracts of 300 words each. Please submit to the EATS website and send a copy to info@eats-taiwan.eu.

Conference delegates will stay within five minute walk from Wawel Royal Castle and St. Mary’s Church with its magnificent Gothic altar by Veit Stoss. Our discussions of Taiwan will take place in the very same building Queen Hedvig donated to the Jagiellonian University in 1400. There will be opportunity for walks in the medieval city, with its street grid exactly as it was laid out in the 13th century and for having coffee in one of the 800 cafés and restaurants of the Old City. Lovers of art and history will have a dozen Gothic and Baroque churches and museums to visit, which are all around the conference site. Afterwards there will be an optional tour of 700-years old salt mines of Wieliczka (also on the UNESCO Heritage list) and visit to the Cathedral and Royal Palace.

The deadline for submission is 15 November 2014. After a double blind review process, we will announce the successful submissions by 31 January 2015.