Please find the following locations on the city centre map, marked with black (venues) and red (guesthouses) dots respectively (map attached in separate file)

  • A Collegium Novum, Gołębia Str. 24 (venue for 8th and 10th April)
  • B Collegium Maius, Jagiellońska Str. 15 (venue for 8th and 10th April)
  • C Auditorium Maxium, Krupnicza Str 33 (venue for 9th April)
  • H1 Floriańska Guesthouse, Floriańska Str. 49
  • H2 Stanisław Pigoń Visiting Professors’ House, Garbarska Str 7a

The map also shows the route from the Main Railway Station, primary point of arrival, to the hotel. Additional maps and route descriptions between the guesthouses and the conference venues will be provided in the second circular.

Floriańska Guesthouse and Stanisław Pigoń Visiting Professors’ House are located in the historic centre of the city and are within walking distance to all conference venues and many historical monuments. They also offer good rates for the university conference participants, so we were able to extend the nights paid by EATS. One has 18 single rooms and 12 doubles; the other has 12 singles, 8 doubles and 3 triples. There may not be enough singles for all those who would like such a room this is on a first-come basis. So please forward your travel arrangement ASAP (see above for details).


Guesthouses provide WiFi connections and also a have a computer at the lobby for the guests to use. Jagiellonian University provides WiFi EDUROAM connections at the conference venues, so if your institution participates in EDUROAM, please activate your account before coming. If not, guest accounts will be provided.


April in Poland can be sunny, warm, with temperatures above 20°C one day and cold, raining and snowy on the next day. Best come prepared for chilly wind, freezing rain and snow slurry in the streets.


Coming by Air


There are direct flight connections to Kraków Balice Airport and this would be the most convenient way to come. There are also connections through Warsaw or other European cities. The main English language webpage of the airport is here: Unfortunately, train connection is at the moment suspended, because of the line overhaul (which should be already finished, but is not). Therefore there are two options:

Going by bus

There are two public buses, which timetables can be found here:

The ride takes ca. 45 minutes. You need not pay attention to the stops – simply get off at the last one, which is beside Kraków Bus Station. You need to walk through the underground passage to the railway station and than follow to the “City Centre” exit. Details on how to get from the station to the hotels will follow in the second circular (see also the attached map)

Taking a taxi

There is an official taxi service, so there should not be a problem with rip-offs, as they have graded flat rate. The centre of the city, where the hotels are located, is within 3rd or 4th zone, depends on the route taken (which in turn will depend on traffic jams). The price for 3rd zone is 70 PLN (17EU), 4th – 90 PLN (21,5 EU)


The other possibility is to fly to Katowice-Pyrzowice airport. From there, there is direct bus to Kraków bus station, which is within walking distance from both conference hotels. For Katowice airport see: For bus connection see:


It is also possible to fly to Warsaw and proceed by train to Kraków. Main webpage of the Warsaw Okęcie airport:

For connection to Warsaw Main Railway Station see:

Warsaw – Kraków train schedule is here: (Enter “Warszawa Centralna” for departure station and “Kraków Główny” for the point of arrival. You will arrive at Kraków Main Station.)


International trains arrive to the Kraków Główny (Cracow Main Station). Buses arrive at the Cracow Main Bus Station, which is just nearby. If you arrive by train, exit towards “City Centre / Centrum” signs. If you arrive by bus, walk through the underground passage to the railway station and then follow to the “City Centre” exit.

Participants willing to come by car, are kindly asked to contact Bogdan Zemanek bogdan.zemanek@gmail.comfor more information. There is a limited parking zone in the centre of Kraków, so some arrangements will be necessary.


Krakow is one of the best preserved medieval urban settings in Europe. It has been selected as a UNESCO Heritage Site and was the European Capital of Culture for the year 2000. To enable you to explore what Krakow has to offer, there are several tour options for you to choose from. On Friday 10 April, there is a 2 ½ hour walking tour for the Old City after the conference. On Saturday 11April, there are tours organised for Auschwitz and Wieliczka Salt Mines. Both tours will take half day, if you would like to visit both of them, you are advised to reserve a whole day for the unforgettable experiences. If you are interested, please write to Bogdan Zemanek by 25 March (subject: tour +your name). Details of the tours including fees will be provided soon .

Directions to the University Guesthouses

Floriańska Guesthouse and Stanislaw Pigoń Visiting Professors’ House are located in the historic city centre and are within walking distance to all conference venues and many historical monuments.

From the Krakow Airport

  • There is an official taxi service. There shouldn’t be a problem with being ripped-off as they have a graded flat rate. Estimate taxi fair is around 70–90 PLN (c. 17–22 euro) from the Krakow Airport to the city centre where the university guesthouses are located.
  • There are two public buses and the ride takes about 45 minutes. You do not need to worry about the stops as you need to get off at the final stop, which is beside Krakow Bus Station. You need to walk through the underground passage to the railway station and then travel towards the “City Centre/Centrum” exit. Further instructions see From the Main Railway Station.

From the Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport

  • There is a direct bus to the Krakow bus station from this airport. Once you arrive at the Krakow bus station, you need to walk through the underground passage to the railway station and then travel towards the “City Centre/Centrum” exit. Further instructions see From the Main Railway Station.

From the Krakow Main Railway Station

  • If you’re staying at Floriańska Street: arriving by bus from the airport, you’ll need to get off at the last stop, at the railways station. The station is the grey, ugly building in front of you (reddish wall on the left side is the bus station). Walk towards the railway station and you’ll notice an entrance to the underground passage – follow it, walk through the underground railway station, following “City center /Centrum” signs. You should exit at Pawia Str. with a tram line; turn left and walk along the large building of the shopping mall (Galeria Krakowska). After a minute or so, you’ll get to the square in front of the old station facade. On the other side of the square, you’ll find an underground passage; continue to the other side following the wide pavement till you get to a piece of the old city wall and a defensive tower. Follow the road between the wall and the buildings to the next crossroad, marked by a nice, 15-century gate on your right. This is Floriańska Street, turn left, the hotel is on the left side (if you stand with the gate behind you), at the 49 number. The sign “DOM GOŚCINNY UJ”, with the university coat of arms is rather small; when you find the door, there is a doorbell on your right.
  • If you’re staying at Garbarska Street: Follow the above directions, but when you get to the city wall, follow the path outside the wall, passing the Floriańska Gate and the Barbicane (large, round, brick structure with 7 small turrets). Go on through the narrow park (on your right there will be a street with a tram line). The road with the tram line, and the park will curve left, making a wide turn. At the turn, follow the path towards the road and you’ll see a crossroad with a tiny square (in the square there is a monument in the shape of ornate, neogothic column). Cross the road (Dunajewskiego Str.) and go to the crossroads: Garbarska Str. will be on the left. Follow it, 100 m down the road, on the right side you’ll find a gate with the small “DOM GOŚCINNY UJ”, with the university coat of arms. The guesthouse is located in the courtyard behind the gate.

Directions from the University Guesthouses to the Conference Venues

From Floriańska Guesthouse

To get from the guesthouse at Floriańska Str. to Collegium Novum and Collegium Maius (venues for April 8th and 10th) follow Floriańska Str towards main Market Square (Rynek Główny). Cross the square diagonally, to the corner opposite of Floriańska Str. Leave Market Square following St. Anna Str. (Św. Anny) to the first crossroad with Jagiellońska Str. Turn right into Jagiellońska, on the right side there will be old, brick building with characteristic small balcony. This is Collegium Maius and to get to the conference hall enter the gate and follow the signs which will be in place.

For Collegium Novum, pass the gate to Collegium Maius, and go straight to the next crossroads, the large brick building at the crossroad is Collegium Novum. You need to turn right and go around it, to the main entrance. The conference hall is on the first floor.

For Auditorium Maximum (venue for April 9th) go through the Main Square, but leave it through Szewska Str., which exits at the centre of the northern side of the square. Go to the traffic lights, cross the street and at Bagatela Theatr (with a large sign, hard to miss) turn right into Krupnicza Str. Follow it for 400m till you see large, grey, gloomy looking building with wide stairs leading to it. This is Audititorium Maximum.

From Stanislaw Pigoń Visiting Professors’ House

To get from the guesthouse at Garbarska Str. to Collegium Novum and Collegium Maius (venues for April 8th and 10th) , go down the road, opposite to the direction you arrived earlier (i.e. while exiting the guesthouse gate, turn right). At T-crossroad with Karmelicka Str. (tram line there) turn left, go to traffic lights, cross the street, turn left into park lane, which will lead you to Collegium Novum. To Collegium Maius, go straight down St. Anna Str. passing St. Anna Church on the left and follow to the intersection with Jagiellońska Str. Turn left, Collegium Maius is on the right side, with a large gate in the brick wall.

For Auditorium Maximum (venue for April 9th), go to the traffic lights as above, but do not cross the street, instead turn sharply left into Krupnicza Str. (the intersection is few meters before the lights). Follow Krupnicza Str. for 400m till you see large, grey, gloomy looking building with wide stairs leading to it. This is Audititorium Maximum.

  • If you arrive on 7 April, some of us may arrange to have an informal drink together at a local café/bar/restaurant prior to the EATS board meeting in the evening. We shall contact those who will arrive early about this just before 7 April.
  • On 8 April, a student volunteer will come to your university guesthouse at 11.00 (Floriańska Guesthouse) and at 11.15 (S. Pigoń Guesthouse) and take you to the conference venue. For the TFD panelists (Panel 1a), the group leaving from Floriańska Guesthouse with a student-guide for conference venue will pick you up on the way from their hotel.
  • On April 9th the groups will leave the guesthouses at 8.30 (Garbarska) and 8.20 (Floriańska) respectively.

To help you identify the buildings, see the pictures below:

Collegium Maius
Collegium Maius
Collegium Novum    
Collegium Novum
Auditorium Maximum
Auditorium Maximum

Other Local Hotels near the Conference Venues

If you attend the conference as an observer, you may need to arrange your own lodging. If you attend the conference as part of the delegate but wish to book your own hotel, please note that we may not be able to offer you free accommodation (please consult EATS Treasurer, Dr Ann Heylen at and, subject: accommodation + Surname, Given name for our funding policies). Here is some information about local hotels which are near the conference venues for your reference (all located ca. 20-25 min walk from Collegium Novum):

Practical note: power supply

Poland uses 220 V, 50Hz powers supply, with European style plugs and sockets (two round bolts, with possible third for safety). The organizers will not be able to provide adapters, so please bring your own.

Important Deadlines

  • Draft Paper Submission: 25 March 2015 (Please consult the 1st circular for further details)
  • Early Bird Payment to EATS: 21 March 2015 (please consult 1st circular or EATS Website for fees and payment method)
  • Library Research Grant Application: 25 March 2015

Details about the EATS Library Research Grant, 2015 can be downloaded from this link:

Post-Conference Optional Tours

Please let us know about your preferences – the trips are calculated for groups of 20+ people (with the exception of the combined Auschwitz-Wieliczka trip) and if the group is considerably smaller, the price may be slightly higher (e.g. if the Auschwitz half-day trip for 8 persons will be ca. 40€, not 35€).

Please write to: Katarzyna Liwosz, giving the subject: EATS TOUR and mark which option you choose, before MARCH 20th and you will be contacted for final confirmation before March 25th.

The trips are payable at the conference; we do not expect you to pay beforehand, but we do expect you to stick to your commitment, because of the prices calculation and prepayments, which will be made on your behalf.

If a very small group is willing to go for any particular trip, hiring a bus may not be economical. We will consult you and try to organize the trip anyway, but some sacrifices maybe necessary (such as using the public transportation; price will be adjusted accordingly).

The exact times and meeting points for the tours will be sent to you with the final confirmation.

Friday, April 11th City walk

The walk will take approx. 3hrs, starting at 3.30 from Collegium Novum. The walk will take us from the Old University Quarters, through the Main Square, Sukiennice (Old Cloth Hall), St. Mary’s Church with its magnificent late Gothic altar by Weit Stoss, and down the Royal Route to Wawel Royal Castle. We can then follow to the Kazimierz, where some fine gothic churches and old Jewish quarter can be seen (this is an extra option depending on how you feel). Please dress according to the weather and wear comfortable shoes.

The price of the walk is 5€, incl. tickets to the Church of St Mary and Weit Stoss Altar and an English speaking guide.

In case of foul weather, we will arrange an electric-bus trip around Old City and the Kazimierz. The trip costs 18€ if more than 5 people sign up; the tour buses provide audio-guides in 25 languages and the trip takes ca. 1,5 hr. If you don’t like walking and would like to take a bus tour in any case, please let the organizers know, we will arrange a trip with the tour company.

veit stoss altar

Saturday, April 12th, Auschwitz KL and Wieliczka Salt Mines trips


Auschwitz Concentration Camp – KonzentrationslagerAuschwitz – was the largest and the most infamous of WW II era German concentration and death camps. It consisted of two main camps Auschwitz I and Auschwitz-Birkenau II and a large network of over 40 sub-camps, mostly providing slave labour to German military industry. Auschwitz-Birkenau was the main death camp, with gas chambers and crematoria, of which remains are preserved at the site. The total number of victims was ca. 1,3 mln.

The museum encompasses the remains of the two main camps, with the death-ramps, were prisoners were unloaded, barracks, gas chambers, places of executions.

Visit includes 50 min. documentary movie and guided tour of the Auschwitz Birkenau KL.

Practical information

The tour lasts 6-7 hours and it will leave at 7.30, to allow the participants, who had booked their flights to come back and arrive at the airport in time. On the way back, the tour bus may go first to the airport, however this will cost a little more and we will ask the participants, who wish to be driven back directly to the airport, to share the cost (the additional cost should not exceed the price of the hotel-airport taxi ride).

You should dress according to the weather, as part of the tour includes walking in the open space of the camp. Auschwitz is a place of remembrance of over 1 million victims, and not a “tourist attraction”, so please show respect by your dress and behaviour.

There will be an English speaking guide and also one of our conference assistants to accompany you.

The price of the trip is 35€. The price is calculated for 20+ persons.


The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most ancient mines in the world. It has been operating since the 13th century with no intermissions. It reaches a depth of 327 metres and is over 287 kilometres long, however you will reach 135 m and walk for 3 kilometres only, through the most impressive parts of the old mine, which includes underground chapels with salt sculptures, lakes and halls with original mining machinery from 17th century onwards.

Practical information

The tour lasts 4-5 hours and it will leave at 7.30, to allow the participants, who had booked their flights to come back and arrive at the airport in time. You should dress warmly, as the temperature in the mines is stable at ca. 14 degrees; and wear comfortable shoes for walking. Going down includes walking downstairs 350 steps – if you may have a problem with it, please let us know – the lift down can be arranged for a small extra fee. Wieliczka Salt Mine chambers and tunnels are not particularly small, however if you suffer from claustrophobia, you may want to reconsider joining this tour.

There will be an English speaking guide and also one of our conference assistants accompanying you.

The price of the trip is 32€, including ticket to the mines. The price is calculated for 20+ persons.

Important notice: in case of interest, the salt mine tour can also be arranged for Friday afternoon, if there will be people interested. Please let us know as soon as possible

Auschwitz, PolandWieliczka Salt Mine


This option combines the above and will take a whole day (10-11 hrs). The bus will first drive to Auschwitz and then come back to Wieliczka and Kraków, with a lunch break on the route.

Joining this trip will require taking a Sunday flight, so the trip may start a bit later (8-8.30).

The price of the trip is 55€.


  • We will provide refreshments during scheduled coffee breaks (8-10 April 2015). Two light lunches (9–10 April 2015) and the conference reception dinner hosted by Amb. Chiang (8 April 2015) are also included as part of the programme. Our local organizer and student volunteers will be able to offer you on-site advice about local cafes/bars/restaurants where you need to purchase your own food and drink during your stay. If you have special dietary requirement (for example, vegetarian), please specify your needs to and c.c. Dr Astrid Lipinsky (, subject: Dietary of Surname, given name) by 25 March 2015 so that we can make necessary arrangements.
  • We plan to take photos throughout the conference and to video record some sessions of the conference. If you do not wish to appear in the conference photos or video recordings, please send an alert to and c.c. Dr Astrid Lipinsky (, subject: NO photo of Surname, given name) by 25 March so that we can make necessary arrangements to avoid filming you.
  • Powerpoint presentation: There will be a computer and a projector at each of the conference halls. Please prepare your slide presentations in MS Powerpoint compatible file form, i.e. *.PPT files. Newest versions of Powerpoint files (*.PPTX) may cause problems, so it will be best to save in the older file format.
  • There will be a volunteer in every room to assist you in case of trouble. If you’d like to distribute handouts of your presentation before your speech, please give the materials to the volunteer to distribute before the start of the panel, to avoid disturbing other speakers.

We look forward to seeing you all in Krakow!