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Panel Name Paper name
1a: International Relations Dennis Hickey Taiwan’s Diplomatic Partners in the Global System: The Big Influence of Small Allies?
  Olga Daksueva The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Structural Changes in China’s Relations with Asia Pacific Countries
  Chung-hsien Lee The Intertwined Climate Politics and Climate Governance – Observing from Taiwan’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act
1b: History and Histriography Pei-Hsi Susan Lin How The Powerless Grabbed Power: A Story of 19th Century Indigene Taiwan Prior to Japanese Colonialism
  Frank Muyard Taiwan Archaeology and Nationalist Discourses: Digging up the Prehistory of an Emerging Nation
2a: Globalization, Democracy, and Inequality(special panel sponsored by Taiwan Foundation for Democracy) Tse-kang Leng Rethinking local state dynamics and social empowerment in Taiwan
2b: Power and Cinema Chris Berry The Taiwanese-Language Film Revival
  Adina Zemanek On Powerlessness, the Taike, the Trite and Mundane: Monga and Non-élite Taiwanesenes
3a: Civil Society, Mobilisation and Activism Ti-han Chang The Will of Change of an Individual: Yang Ju-men’s Social Activism in Agriculture and the Environment
3b: Literature Carsten Storm Analysis or interpretation: power as an analytic category in literary studies
  Christopher Payne Negotiating Worlds—Negotiating Power: an Ecocritical Reading of Wuhe’s Pondering Abang and Kalusi
  Pavlina Krámská Power of Magnifying Glass. Experiencing Nature in the Writings of Liu Kexiang and Wu Mingyi
4a: Politics, Governance and Policy Ernest Caldwell Losing Control in Taiwan? Democratisation, Constitutional Reform and the Decline of the Control Yuan
4b: Anthropology and Spatial Politics Ann Heylen Expressing Power in Dynamic Maps through 17th Century Taiwan Dutch Manuscripts
  Chen Chih-fan Constructing ‘Formosa’: Taiwan Image and the Representation of History from the Viewpoint of John Thomson
  Jun-Hau Lin Floating Utopia, Floating Community: Lifestyle Migrants and Second-hand Shops in Hualien, Taiwan
5a: Cross-Strait Dynamics Lara Momesso From Enemies to Allies: The New Identity of Cross-Strait Marriage Migrants
  Yung-Chen Yuan Construction Identity: The Students of Taiwanese Businessmen’s Schools in China
5b: Representation, Perception and Issues of Indigeneity Yi-tze Lee Powerful Landscape, Powerless Farmer? Politics of water resources and discourse on indigeneity in Eastern Taiwan
6a: Society & Social Changes Ping Lin Being Privileged Minority Overseas: Taiwanese People in Jakarta
  Chia-ling Hsu The Alternative Jobs in Unstable Times for the Taiwanese – the Case Study in Catering Sector
  Chih-chieh Wang Political Economy of Non-Standard Work in Taiwan
6b: Political Communcation, Language & Media Vladimir Stolojan Power and Generational Shifts: How Taiwanese Youth Perceives the Past
  Magdaléna Masláková Presbyterian Church in Taiwan as a Voice of Powerless Taiwanese Nation: Building Taiwanese National Identity within Public Statements of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan since Martial Law
  Ta-wei Chi Against Stigma: Reclaiming Disabilities in Taiwanese Literature
7a: Marginality, Power and Identity Cheng Tian-kuo The Politics of Homosexual Partnership Law in Taiwan
  Ka Yee Jeanette Yuen I Cook Therefore I am: The Empowerment from Cooking Practice among Female Vietnamese Migrants in Taiwan
7b: Gender Astrid Lipinsky Gender Empowerment through International Law? The Case of Taiwan
  Cheng-wei Chen Unmasking the Hidden Herstories: The Taiwanese Women Who Challenged Domestic Violence between the 1970s and 90s
  Hsiao-Chiao Chiu The Economic Trajectories of three Women: Economic Agency, Kinship, and Economic Changes in Kinmen
  Yiwen Chen Intimacy and Sexuality in Modern Taiwan: Using the Findom in Heterosexual Relationships