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The 13th Annual Conference of the European Association of Taiwan Studies
Oriental Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences
Wednesday 30th March – Friday 1 April 2016
Main Building of the Czech Academy of Sciences
Národní 3, Praha 1
Day 1 Wednesday 30th March
Time: 10:30h – 12:30h


Time: 12:30h – 13:00h
Welcome Remarks

Conference Room 206

PhDr. Taťána Petrasová, CSc.,a member of Academy Council, the Czech Academy of Sciences
Dr.Ondřej Beránek, Director of the Oriental Institute
Dr. Ming-yeh Rawnsley, EATS Secretary-General
Time: 13:00h – 14:00h
Keynote Speaker: Bruce Jacobs
Monash University
Conference Room 206
The Powerful and the Powerless: Re-Examining and Reframing Taiwan’s History
Time: 14:00h – 14:30h

Coffee Break

Time: 14:30h – 16:00h
Panel 1a: International Relations

Conference Room 206

Chair: Saša Istenič (University of Ljubljana)

1.     Dennis Hickey (Missouri State University)
Taiwan’s Diplomatic Partners in the Global System: The Big Influence of Small Allies?

2.     Rangga Aditya (National Cheng-chi University)
Taiwan Cooperation with Southeast Asia: The Power of Semi-official Institutional Relations

3.     Olga Daksueva (National Cheng-chi University)
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Structural Changes in China’s Relations with Asia Pacific Countries

4.     Chung-hsien Lee (SOAS)
The Intertwined Climate Politics and Climate Governance – Observing from Taiwan’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act

Panel 1b: History and Historiography

Conference Room 205

Chair: Niki Alsford (Czech Academy of Sciences)

1.     Pei-Hsi Susan Lin (Nottingham Trent University)
How The Powerless Grabbed Power: A Story of 19th Century Indigene Taiwan Prior to Japanese Colonialism

2.     Wen-shuo Liao (Academia Historica)
Constructing an Image: Nationalist Chinese Intelligence and Perception of Taiwan in Japan’s Total Empire, 1931-1945

3.     Isabelle Cheng (University of Portsmouth)
Fighting Our Way back Home: Militarism in Taiwan and Project Guoguang under the Command of Chiang Kai-shek

4.     Frank Muyard (National Central University & CEFC)
Taiwan Archaeology and Nationalist Discourses: Digging up the Prehistory of an Emerging Nation

Time: 16:00h – 16:30h

Coffee Break

Time: 16:30h – 18:00h
Panel 2a: Globalization, Democracy, and Inequality (special panel sponsored by Taiwan Foundation for Democracy)

Conference Room 206

Chair:T J Cheng (College of William and Mary)

1.     Tse-kang Leng Institute of Political Science at Academia Sinica)
Rethinking local state dynamics and social empowerment in Taiwan

2.     Hung-chung Joe Wang (Taiwan Foundation for Democracy)
A Preliminary Analysis of Taiwanese Public’s Sense of Globalisation

3.     Hyeok Yong Kwon (Korea University) and Inyoung Cho (University of Oxford)
Politics, Labor Market Institutions, and Rising Inequality in East Asia: Evidence from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan

4.     Kenneth Paul Tan (National University of Singapore)
Paper title TBA

Panel 2b: Power and Cinema

Conference Room 205

Chair: Sang Tze-lan (Michigan State University)

1.     Chris Berry (Kings College London)
The Taiwanese-Language Film Revival

2.     Elliott Shr-tzung Shie (National Tsing Hua University)
The Power Relations in Lamorisse’s “The Red Balloon” and Hou Hsiao-hsien’s Free Adaptation “The Flight of the Red Balloon”

3.     Adina Zemanek (Jagiellonian University in Krakow)
On Powerlessness, the Taike, the Trite and Mundane: Monga and Non-élite Taiwanesenes

4.     Shih Wei-Chu (University Lyon 2)
No-body’s Resistance and the Power of Voice off in Su Yu-Hsien’s video work Hua-Shan-Qiang

Time: 18:30h

Welcome dinner
Galery of Café Louvre (TBC), Národní 3, Prague 1


Day 2 Thursday 31th March
Time: 09:00h – 10:30h
Panel 3a: Civil Society, Mobilisation & Activism

Conference Room 206

Chair: Astrid Lipinsky (University of Vienna)

1.     Syaru Shirley Lin (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Powerful and Powerless in Taiwan and Hong Kong

2.     Li-huei Li (University of Akron)
Rethinking Confucianism, Buddhism, and Environmental Movements in Taiwan

3.     Paul Jobin (University of Paris Diderot / Academia Sinica Institute of Sociology), Hsin-hsing Chen (Shih Hsin University) & Yi-ping Lin (National Yang-ming University)
RCA Former Workers and the Power of Diversity in a Class Action

4.     Ti-han Chang (Universiteì Lyon III Jean Moulin)
The Will of Change of an Individual: Yang Ju-men’s Social Activism in Agriculture and the Environment

Panel 3b: Literature

Conference Room 205

Chair: Federica Passi (Ca’Foscari University of Venice)

1.     Carsten Storm (Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Analysis or interpretation: power as an analytic category in literary studies

2.     Táňa Dluhošová (Czech Academy of Sciences)
Powerful and Their Literature in Post-war Period Taiwan

3.     Christopher Payne (University of Manchester)
Negotiating Worlds—Negotiating Power: an Ecocritical Reading of Wuhe’s Pondering Abang and Kalusi

4.     Pavlina Krámská (Charles University in Prague)
Power of Magnifying Glass. Experiencing Nature in the Writings of Liu Kexiang and Wu Mingyi

Time: 10:30h – 11:00h

Coffee Break

Time: 11:00h – 12:30h
Panel 4a: Politics, Governance & Policy

Conference Room 206

Chair: Bruce Jacobs (Monash University)

1.     Ernest Caldwell (SOAS)
Losing Control in Taiwan? Democratisation, Constitutional Reform and the Decline of the Control Yuan

2.     Simona Grano (University of Zurich)
Smaller parties’ electoral strategies for the upcoming 2016 Elections: changing power Relations

3.     Dafydd Fell (SOAS)
Portrayal of Politics in Modern Taiwanese Film

4.     Shushiun Ku (University of Leeds)
Cultural is good business vs. cultural citizenship – The semiotic practice of industrialisation in cultural policy under the Ma Ying-Jeou government

Panel 4b: Anthropology & Spatial Politics

Conference Room 205

Chair:David Blundell (National Chengchi University)

1.     Ann Heylen (National Taiwan Normal University)
Expressing Power in Dynamic Maps through 17th Century Taiwan Dutch Manuscripts

2.     Chen Chih-fan (National Tsing Hua University)
Constructing ‘Formosa’: Taiwan Image and the Representation of History from the Viewpoint of John Thomson

3.     Oliver Streiter (National University of Kaohsiung) & Yoann Goudin (INALCO)
Epigraphic Practices on Taiwan and Penghu as Expressions of Power, Resistance and Mediation

4.     Jun-Hau Lin (National Dong Hwa University)
Floating Utopia, Floating Community: Lifestyle Migrants and Second-hand Shops in Hualien, Taiwan

Time: 12:30h – 13:30h


Time: 13:30h – 15:00h
Panel 5a: Cross-Strait Dynamics

Conference Room 206

Chair: Wen-cheng Lin (National Sun Yat-sen University )

1.     Jens Damm (Chang Jung Christian University)
Soft Power through Cultural Diplomacy by Non-State Actors: Taiwan’s Strength, China’s Weakness?

2.     Lara Momesso (Portsmouth University)
From Enemies to Allies: The New Identity of Cross-Strait Marriage Migrants

3.     Wang Jie-ying (Academy of Hong Kong Studies)
Dynamism of Media and Political Logics in Mediatization of Politics Comparing Social Movements in Taiwan and Hong Kong

4.     Yung-Chen Yuan (University of Bristol)
Construction Identity: The Students of Taiwanese Businessmen’s Schools in China

Panel 5b: Representation, Perception & Issues of Indigeneity

Conference Room 205

Chair: Scott Simon (University of Ottawa)

1.     Jérôme Soldani (CEFC, Academia Sinica)
The Power of Stigmatisation Some Implications of Stereotypes of Taiwanese Indigenous Baseball Players

2.     Cheng-hsien Yang (National Dong Hwa University) & Chih-hsing Lin (National Museum of Prehistory)
Omnipresent Spirits Territory Overwhelmed under Tourists Occupation: Museumization of Indigenous Culture on Lanyu, Taiwan

3.     Hui-hui Li (National Taiwan University) & Shih-chung Hsieh (National Taiwan University)
Gaze Welcomed: Authenticity and Empowerment through the Process of Indigenous Tourism in Urban Taiwan

4.     Yi-tze Lee (National Dong Hwa University)
Powerful Landscape, Powerless Farmer? Politics of water resources and discourse on indigeneity in Eastern Taiwan

Time: 15:00h – 15:20h

Coffee Break

Time: 15:20h – 18:00h
General Assembly

Conference Room 206


Day 3 Friday 1st April
Time: 09:00h – 10:30h
Panel 6a: Society & Social Changes

Conference Room 206

Chair: Jens Damm (Chang Jung Christian University)

1.     Ping Lin (National Chung Cheng University)
Being Privileged Minority Overseas: Taiwanese People in Jakarta

2.     Colin Alexander (Nottingham Trent University)
Enemy Within the Gates? A Comparison of Japanese and British Radio Broadcasting in Taiwan and India Respectively During the 1930s

3.     Chia-ling Hsu (Paris Diderot University)
The Alternative Jobs in Unstable Times for the Taiwanese – the Case Study in Catering Sector

4.     Chih-chieh Wang (University of Duisburg-Essen)
Political Economy of Non-Standard Work in Taiwan

Panel 6b: Political Communication, Language & Media

Conference Room 205

Chair: Gary Rawnsley (Aberystwyth University)

1.     Vladimir Stolojan (University Paris Diderot)
Power and Generational Shifts: How Taiwanese Youth Perceives the Past

2.     Magdaléna Masláková (Masaryk University)
Presbyterian Church in Taiwan as a Voice of Powerless Taiwanese Nation: Building Taiwanese National Identity within Public Statements of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan since Martial Law

3.     Ta-wei Chi (National Chengchi University)
Against Stigma: Reclaiming Disabilities in Taiwanese Literature

4.     Wi-vun Taiffalo Chiung (National Cheng Kung University)
Languages without States: Taiwanese Language Movement

Time: 10:30h – 11:00h

Coffee Break

Time: 11:00h – 12:30h
Panel 7a: Marginality, Power and Identity

Conference Room 206

Chair: Chris Berry (King’s College London)

1.     Stéphane Corcuff (CEFC, Academia Sinica)
Non/representative, in/famous, and power/ful/ness: Writing about a common Mainlander under Ma Ying-jeou

2.     Marie Laureillard (Lyon 2 University & Institute of East Asian Studies) & Stéphane Corcuff (CEFC, Academia Sinica)
The Taiwanese Artist Mei Dean-e and his Vision of Political Power

3.     Cheng Tian-kuo (National Chengchi University)
The Politics of Homosexual Partnership Law in Taiwan

4.     Ka Yee Jeanette Yuen (National Sun Yat-sen University)
I Cook Therefore I am: The Empowerment from Cooking Practice among Female Vietnamese Migrants in Taiwan

Panel 7b: Gender

Conference Room 205

Chair: Ann Heylen (National Taiwan Normal University)

1.     Astrid Lipinsky (University of Vienna)
Gender Empowerment through International Law? The Case of Taiwan

2.     Cheng-wei Chen (Heidelberg University)
Unmasking the Hidden Herstories: The Taiwanese Women Who Challenged Domestic Violence between the 1970s and 90s

3.     Hsiao-Chiao Chiu (London School of Economics)
The Economic Trajectories of three Women: Economic Agency, Kinship, and Economic Changes in Kinmen

4.     Yiwen Chen (London School of Economics)
Intimacy and Sexuality in Modern Taiwan: Using the Findom in Heterosexual Relationships

Time: 12:30h – 13:30h


Time: 13:30h – 14:50h
MA Panel 1

Conference Room 206

Chair: Lara Momesso (Portsmouth University)

1.     Hsin-hui Lin (National Chengchi University)
Video Games, Narratives, and Cyborgs

2.     Po-sheng Lee (National Taiwan University)
Toward a more efficient banking system in Taiwan? A case study of Taiwan’s Bank Reform from 1989 to 2008

3.     Kai-shen Huang (Oxford University)
The Ideological Force of Law: A case Study in Taiwanese Commercial Arbitration

4.     Yu-ting Chang (SOAS)
Formosa In The Times

5.     Chuan-hsiu Liao (National Taiwan University)
“New Tide Faction” and Taiwan Labor Movements (1984-1990)

MA Panel 2

Conference Room 205

Chair:Carsten Storm (Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)

1.     Max Lembke-soh (SOAS)
The Potency of Japanese Colonial Nostalgia within Taiwanese Society

2.     Ya-nan Liao (Central European University)
Un-silencing and Silences: The Gendered Memory of White Terror in Taiwan

3.     Yu-shan Chang ( Heidelberg University)
Transitional Justice and History Education in Taiwanese High Schools: Taking the 228 Incident as a Case Study

4.     Jia-min Lee (SOAS)
Heterotopias in Taiwanese Literature for Migrants

5.     Alberto Poza Poyatos (SOAS)
Cool Kù’érs

Time: 14:50h – 15:10h
Concluding Remarks, Announcement of YSA & LRG and Closing Ceremony

Conference Room 206