Oriental Institute, Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic 15:00-18:00, 31 March 2016

To download the EATS General Meeting Agenda in PDF format click HERE.

1) Welcoming of members and announcement of the Agenda (Tana, 5 min)

2) Secretary-General’s report, 2015–2016 (Ming-yeh, 20 min)

  • Conference data
  • Continued development of EATS Website and EATS online resource centre (including past EATS conference papers & Google Drive for members): further report from Lara, see point 6
  • Proposal to restructure EATS Administration and EATS Management: subject to members’ approval
  • A plan to launch the International Journal of Taiwan Studies in 2018: subject to members’ approval

3) Treasurer’s report, 2015–2016 (Ann, 10 min)

  • 2015 business year
  • Preliminary report on the budget for the 2016 business year, including the current conference and a report on previous and planned activities

4) Auditor’s report (2015) and acceptance of the planned budget by the membership (Carsten, 5 min)

5) Local organiser’s report (Tana, 10 min)

  • The organisation of the 2016 EATS Conference
  • Optional post-conference tours

6) Your EATS email account and Google Drive (access to previous EATS conference papers):

Demonstration and Q&A with EATS Board member, Lara (10–15 min)

7) Exoneration of board and auditor, 2014–2016 (Tana, 5 min)

8) Nomination and election of EATS Board members, 2016–2018 (Tana, 25 min)

9) EATS book launch, 2016 (while vote counting takes place) (Isabelle, 30 min)

10) Election result of EATS Board, 2016–2018 (Tana, 5 min)

11) Nomination and election of the Auditor, 2016–2018 (Tana, 5–10 min)

12) Presentation and the confirmation of Venice as the venue for the 2017 EATS conference (Federica, 5–10 min)

13) Presenting the candidacy of Nottingham Trent University, UK, for hosting the 2019 EATS conference (Colin, 5–10 min)

14) Other matters

  • Presentation from publishers
  • Members’ comments