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Panel Name(s) Paper Name
1a: Politics and Governance Simone Dossi From Party Leadership to Democratic Control. Translating Foreign Models of Civil-Military Relations in the Republic of China
Heidi Ning Kang Wang Kaeding Lost in Translation: Political Humour in Cross-Strait Relations
Malte Philipp Kaeding Translating The Taiwan Experience: Localism and Independence in Hong Kong
1b: Indigenous People Wei-ya Lin Maataw – the Floating Island: Performing Eco-Criticism and Social Changes based on Research Findings for the Tao People
Takako Sasaki Influences of a Conflict between Christianity and Indigenous Religion on Participation in Community Development Activities, a Case Study of CD in an Indigenous Community in Tai-Tung County
2a: economics and workforce Zong-rong Lee The Rise and Consolidation of Family Capitalism in Taiwan
2b: Art and Popular Culture Teri Silvio Thunderbolt Fantasy: Cross-translating the Aesthetics of Taiwanese Puppetry and Japanese Anime
Kai Sheng Dialogue and Art: Hou Chunming’s The Asian Fathers Interview Project
Naomi Kojen Translating Collective Memory: Perspectives on Taiwanese identity in the art of Chen Chieh-jen and Wu Tien-chang
Chen-yu Lin After Governmental Advisory: Music Censorship in Post-Martial Law Taiwan
3a: Law Ching-fang Hsu and Kevin Luo Empirical Studies on Public Attitudes toward Judicial System in Taiwan: the More You Experience, the Less You Think of the Court
M. Bob Kao Dinosaur Judges in Taiwan: The Judiciary’s Failure to Communicate and the Erosion of the Rule of Law
Astrid Lipinsky Translating Taiwan into Global Law: The International Potential of CEDAW in Taiwan
Fu-te Liao Core International Human Instruments and Taiwan
3b: Linguistics Tohru Sakai and Nobuyuki Nakazawa Database of Holo-Taiwanese Language in the Process of Making Multi-Linguistic Policies
Le-kun Tan Effects and Correlation of Taiwanese Romanization Training in Taiwanese and English’s Phonological Awareness—Tainan City’s Taiwanese Alphabet Program on grades 1
Elizabeth Zeitoun A Study on the Creation of “New Words” in Saisiyat
4a: Civic Movements Jieh-min Wu Taiwan’s Sunflower Occupy Movement as a Transformative Event
Ming-lun Chung and Adrian Chiu Net Citizenship and Youth Political Participation in the Context of Chinese Civil Society: A Case Study in Taiwan
4b: Discourse and Semiotic Analysis Elisa Tamburo Material histories: an architectural semiotic analysis of Taiwan’s military villages
Tana Dluhosova Trajectories of Ideas: Mainland Chinese and ‘Half Mountain People’s Discourses Before and After the WWII
Wen-chuan Huang The Alteration of Commemorative street-naming in the cities of Taiwan
5a: International Relations Jonathan Sullivan Soft power runs into popular geopolitics: Western media frames democratic Taiwan
Guido Samarani Italy’s Policy Towards the R.O.C During the Cold War ears (1950s-60s). A Preliminary Assessment
5b: Literature Darryl Sterk Bringing Seediq Bale Home: Dakis Pawan’s Domesticating Translation of Seediq Bale
Coraline Jortay Memory, Temporality and Voice in Translations of Li Ang’s “The Lost Garden” Miyuan 迷園
6a: Migration, Mobility and Government Policies Yoshihisa Amae Post-imperial Liminalities of Retained Japanese liuyong riqiao in Postwar Taiwan, 1945-1947
Rangga Aditya Elias Nothing New for Indonesia in the New Go-South Policy
Isabelle Cheng Transforming Restrictive Border Control Regime to Selective Citizenship Legislation: Household Registration and Civic Nationalism in Citizenship Legislation of Taiwan
Chia-yuan Huang Tracing the ‘Global Talent’: Seven Decades of Mobilities of Taiwanese Highly Skilled Migrants, 1947-2017
6b: History Yu-shan Chang Transitional Justice and History Education in Taiwanese High Schools: Taking the 228 Incident as a Case Study
Ek-hong Sia Colonial or not Colonial? Missionary Modes as Unholy Trinity and Discordant Troika in 17th and 19th Century Taiwan
7a: Institute of Taiwan History and Lim Pen-yuan Foundation Panel on the Development of Dietary Life in Postwar Taiwan Lin-yi Tseng An Accidental Journey: Sha-cha Sauce and Beef Consumption in Tainan, from the 1950s to the Present
Li-yung Lee From Grain to Yummy: the Rice Production and the Society of East Taiwan After World War II
Ping-tsang Tseng Wartime Living Regime and the Development of Public Food in Taiwan (1947-1960s)
Chang-hui Chi Learning to Drink Sorghum Liquor: Taste and Consumption in Militarized Jinmen, 1949–1992
7b: Multiculturalism and Identity Mihaela Cristina Ionescu Translating Lung Yingtai 1983-2016: A Journey through the Complexities of the Social, Political and Cultural Developments in the Modern History of Taiwan
8a: Institute of Taiwan History and Lim Pen-yuan Foundation Panel on Taiwan’s Economic Policies and Financial Transformation during the Japanese Colonial Period Yu-ju Lin The Customs of Taiwan during the Japanese Occupation: Window of Control
Teruhiro Minato The Dilemma of the National Policy Company: Wartime Financial Statements of the Taiwan Development Corporation
Wen-kai Lin The Transformation of a Financial Regime: The Meaning of Taiwan’s Financial Reform in the Early Japanese Colonial Period, 1895-1905
Tsong-min Wu Japanese Industry Policies in Colonial Taiwan: Tea and Sugar
8b: MA Panel Maja Korbecka Overseas Chinese filmmakers in the contemporary Taiwanese cinema
Ko-Hang Liao The 90th Anniversary of the Formation of Taiwanese People’s Party/Split of the Taiwanese Cultural Association and Its Implications for National Solidarity
9a: Taiwan Foundation for Democracy Panel on Interpreting East Asian Democratization: Taiwan in Historical and Comparative Perspectives Shelly Rigger Taiwan as a Case in Third Wave Democratization Studies
Ian Chong A Matter of Trust: Understanding Limited Support for Taiwan’s Defense Reform
Da-chi Liao Social Movements’ Impact upon Representative Deficit: A Study of Two Taiwanese Cases
9b: Literary Representation Shu-hui Lin Cultural Translation: Representations of Taiwan’s Travel Writings during Martial Law and Post-Martial Law Period
Yu-wen Chih Cultural Signification of Headhunting in Li Qiao’s Wintry Night Trilogy
Pei-yin Lin Eco-ethnography, Acculturation, and Marginality: Strategies of Translating Taiwan’s Dutch Past in Wang Jiaxiang’s Daofeng neihai, Chen Yaochang’s Fu’ermosha sanzu ji, and Ping Lu’s Posuo zhi dao
Huei-chu Chu Translating the Cold War: Sinophone/Japophone Literatures from Kinmen and Okinawa