Please note that the programme is subject to change.

The latest version of the programme can be downloaded as PDF file.

Important Notice:

  1. No discussants are allocated in order to maximise floor discussion. Hence we would like to remind speakers that:
    • 45-50 min speech + 10-15 min discussion for the keynote session
    • 15 min for each paper presentation + 30 min for panel Q&A
    • MA panels have 10 min for each presenter + 30 min for panel Q&A
  2. All the A panels will take place in Aula Baratto, Ca’ Foscari Palace, 2nd floor
  3. All the B panels will take place in Sala Berengo, Ca’ Foscari, 1st floor


The 14th Annual Conference of the European Association of Taiwan Studies
Department of Asian and North African Studies, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Thursday 2nd March – Saturday 4th April 2017

Ca’ Dolfin and Ca’ Foscari

Day 1 Thursday 2nd March
Time: 9:00h – 10:00h

Registration (Ca’ Dolfin)

Time: 10:00h – 10:30h
Welcome Remarks

Ca’ Dolfin

  • Paolo Calvetti, Head of the Department of Asian and North African Studies, Universita Ca’Foscari Venezia
  • Szu-chien Hsu, President of the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy
  • Ming-yeh T. Rawnsley, Secretary-General of the European Association of Taiwan Studies
Time: 10:30h – 11:30h
Keynote speech
Introduced by the local organiser, Federica Passi

Ca’ Dolfin

David Wang, Edward C. Henderson Professor of Chinese Literature, Harvard University
Topic: “Worlding Taiwan: Translation, Transgression, Transmigration”
Time: 11:30h – 12:00h

Walking to Ca’ Foscari for lunch

Time: 12:00h – 13:15h


Time: 13:15h – 14:45h
Panel 1a: Politics and Governance

Aula Baratto, Ca’ Foscari

Chair: Szu-chien Hsu (Taiwan Foundation for Democracy)

1.     Simone Dossi (University of Milan)
From Party Leadership to Democratic Control. Translating Foreign Models of Civil-Military Relations in the Republic of China

2.     Heidi Ning Kang Wang Kaeding (Trinity College Dublin)
Lost in Translation: Political Humour in Cross-Strait Relations

3.     Malte Philipp Kaeding (University of Surrey)
Translating The Taiwan Experience: Localism and Independence in Hong Kong

4.     Dafydd Fell (SOAS)
Alternative Politics in Taiwan: Who supports Taiwan’s Green Party and Why?

Panel 1b: Indigenous People

Sala Berengo, Ca’ Foscari

Chair: Chien-hui Wu (Academia Sinica)

1.     Shu-yuan Yang (Academia Sinica)
Intercultural Translation: State Policy Shift and the Revival of Tradition among the Bunun of Taiwan

2.     Wei-ya Lin (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna) & Cheng-hsien Yang (National Dong Hwa University)
Maataw – the Floating Island: Performing Eco-Criticism and Social Changes based on Research Findings for the Tao People

3.     Daniel Chun-wei Lin (National Dong Hwa University)
Retranslating the Voiceless: Radio and Indigenous Voices in Taiwan

4.     Takako Sasaki (Kyoto University)
Influences of a Conflict between Christianity and Indigenous Religion on Participation in Community Development Activities, a Case Study of CD in an Indigenous Community in Tai-Tung County

Time: 14:45h – 15:15h

Coffee Break

Time: 15:15h – 16:45h
Panel 2a: Economics and Workforce

Aula Baratto, Ca’ Foscari

Chair:Ketty Chen (Taiwan Foundation for Democracy)

1.     Ling-fang Cheng (Kaohsiung Medical University)
The changing relations of class, ethnicity, gender and sexuality in Taiwan 1947-2017: The case of the medical profession

2.     Zong-rong Lee (Academia Sinica)
The Rise and Consolidation of Family Capitalism in Taiwan

3.     Chun-yi Lee (University of Nottingham)
Has three decades’ cross-Strait economic interaction translated to closer cross-Strait relationship?

Panel 2b: Art and Popular Culture

Sala Berengo, Ca’ Foscari

Chair: Shelley Rigger (Davidson College)

1.     Teri Silvio (Academia Sinica)
Thunderbolt Fantasy: Cross-translating the Aesthetics of Taiwanese Puppetry and Japanese Anime

2.     Kai Sheng (National United University)
Dialogue and Art: Hou Chunming’s The Asian Fathers Interview Project

3.     Naomi Kojen (National Chiao Tung University)
Translating Collective Memory: Perspectives on Taiwanese identity in the art of Chen Chieh-jen and Wu Tien-chang

4.     Chen-yu Lin (University of Liverpool)
After Governmental Advisory: Music Censorship in Post-Martial Law Taiwan

Time: 16:45h – 17:00h

Short Break

Time: 17:00h – 18:30h
Panel 3a: Law

Aula Baratto, Ca’ Foscari

Chair:Fu-te Liao (Academia Sinica)

1.     Ching-fang Hsu (University of Toronto) and Kevin Luo (University of Toronto)
Empirical Studies on Public Attitudes toward Judicial System in Taiwan: the More You Experience, the Less You Think of the Court

2.     Ernest Caldwell (SOAS)
Translating Constitutionalism into Authoritarian Contexts: Activism, Representation and the Control Yuan under Martial Law

3.     M. Bob Kao (Queen Mary University of London)
Dinosaur Judges in Taiwan: The Judiciary’s Failure to Communicate and the Erosion of the Rule of Law

4.     Astrid Lipinsky (Vienna University) and Fu-te Liao (Academia Sinica)
Translating Taiwan into Global Law: The International Potential of CEDAW in Taiwan

Panel 3b: Linguistics

Sala Berengo, Ca’ Foscari

Chair: Ann Heylen (National Taiwan Normal University)

1.     Wei-lun Lu (Masaryk University)
Cultural Elements in the Texts and Their Translatability: The Parallel-Text-Based Approach as a New Method for Taiwan Studies

2.     Tohru Sakai (Kanazawa Gakuin University) and Nobuyuki Nakazawa (Japan National Yamagata University)
Database of Holo-Taiwanese Language in the Process of Making Multi-Linguistic Policies

3.     Le-kun Tan National Cheng Kung University (co-author: Guan-hin Khou)
Effects and Correlation of Taiwanese Romanization Training in Taiwanese and English’s Phonological Awareness—Tainan City’s Taiwanese Alphabet Program on grades 1

4.     Elizabeth Zeitoun Academia Sinica (co-authors: Tai-hwa Chu & a Tahesh Kaybaybaw Lalo)
A Study on the Creation of “New Words” in Saisiyat

Panels are over at 18:30. We will gather to take a group photo first and then move towards the restaurant in order to have dinner at 19:30.
Time: 19:30h

Conference Dinner


Day 2 Friday 3rd March
Time: 09:00h – 10:30h
Panel 4a: Civic Movements

Aula Baratto, Ca’ Foscari

Chair: Isabelle Cheng (Portsmouth University)

1.     Jieh-min Wu (Academia Sinica)
Comparing the Paths of Civic Movements in Taiwan and Hong Kong: Revisiting the “Linz-Stepan Conjecture”

2.     Francis Yin (Shenzhen University)
Social Media as A New Channel of Cross-Strait Communication

3.     Klavier Wong (Education University of Hong Kong)
Legacy, Habitus, and Repertoires: A comparative study of anti-eviction movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan

4.     Ming-lun Chung (University of Sheffield) and Adrian Chiu (Education University of Hong Kong/SOAS)
Net Citizenship and Youth Political Participation in the Context of Chinese Civil Society: A Case Study in Taiwan

Panel 4b: Discourse and Semiotic Analysis

Sala Berengo, Ca’ Foscari

Chair: Adina Zemanek (Jagiellonian University)

1.     Elisa Tamburo (SOAS)
Material histories: an architectural semiotic analysis of Taiwan’s military villages

2.     Tana Dluhosova (Czech Academy of Sciences)
Trajectories of Ideas: Mainland Chinese and ‘Half Mountain People’s Discourses Before and After the WWII

3.     Wen-chuan Huang (National Dong Hwa University)
The Alteration of Commemorative street-naming in the cities of Taiwan

Time: 10:30h – 11:00h

Coffee Break

Time: 11:00h – 12:30h
Panel 5a: International Relations

Aula Baratto, Ca’ Foscari

Chair: Gary Rawnsley (University of Aberystwyth)

1.     Jonathan Sullivan (University of Nottingham)
Renegade Province, Island Democracy: How Western Media Frames Taiwan

2.     Lutgard Lams (KU Leuven Campus Brussels)
Ambiguous or Not? Discursive Analysis of the 2016 ROC Presidential Election Campaign

3.     Guido Samarani (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)
Italy’s Policy Towards the R.O.C During the Cold War ears (1950s-60s). A Preliminary Assessment

Panel 5b: Literature

Sala Berengo, Ca’ Foscari

Chair:Carsten Storm (University Erlangen-Nürnberg)

1.     Vivian Szu-chin Chih (Cambridge University)
Taiwanese History and the February 28th Incident in “A City of Sadness”

2.     Federica Passi (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)
Translating Modernism: Wild Appropriation of Western Techniques or Successful Example of Cultural Adaptation?

3.     Darryl Sterk (National Taiwan University)
Bringing Seediq Bale Home: Dakis Pawan’s Domesticating Translation of Seediq Bale

4.     Coraline Jortay (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Memory, Temporality and Voice in Translations of Li Ang’s “The Lost Garden” Miyuan 迷園

Time: 12:30h – 14:00h

Lunch + Book Launch

Time: 14:00h – 15:30h
Panel 6a: Migration, Mobility and Government Policies

Aula Baratto, Ca’ Foscari

Chair: Bi-yu Chang (SOAS)

1.     Yoshihisa Amae (Chang Jung Christian University)
Post-imperial Liminalities of Retained Japanese liuyong riqiao in Postwar Taiwan, 1945-1947

2.     Rangga Aditya Elias (National Chengchi University/Binus University)
Nothing New for Indonesia in the New Go-South Policy

3.     Isabelle Cheng (University of Portsmouth)
Transforming Restrictive Border Control Regime to Selective Citizenship Legislation: Household Registration and Civic Nationalism in Citizenship Legislation of Taiwan

4.     Chia-yuan Huang (University College London)
Tracing the ‘Global Talent’: Seven Decades of Mobilities of Taiwanese Highly Skilled Migrants, 1947-2017

Panel 6b: History

Sala Berengo, Ca’ Foscari

Chair: Sasa Istenic (University of Ljubljana)

1.     Yu-shan Chang (Heidelberg University)
Transitional Justice and History Education in Taiwanese High Schools: Taking the 228 Incident as a Case Study

2.     Ek-hong Sia (ERCCT)
Colonial or not Colonial? Missionary Modes as Unholy Trinity and Discordant Troika in 17th and 19th Century Taiwan

3.     Denisa Hilbertova(Masaryk University)
Taiwan behind the Iron Curtain

4.     Niki Alsford(University of Central Lancashire)
Now is the Winter of our Discontent”: Translating Nation as Patient in Transnational Perspectives: Chiang Wei-shui (1921), Lu Xun (1918), Franz Kafka (1917), and Abdullah Cevdet (1922)

Time: 15:30h – 16:00h

Coffee Break

Time: 16:00h
Annual General Meeting (only EATS members of 2017 are invited to attend)

Venue: Aula Baratto


Day 3 Saturday 4th March
Time: 09:00h – 10:30h
Panel 7a: Institute of Taiwan History and Lim Pen-yuan Foundation Panel on the Development of Dietary Life in Postwar Taiwan

Aula Baratto, Ca’ Foscari

Chair: Fu-san Huang (Academia Sinica)

1.     Lin-yi Tseng (Academia Sinica)
An Accidental Journey: Sha-cha Sauce and Beef Consumption in Tainan, from the 1950s to the Present

2.     Li-yung Lee (National Central University)
From Grain to Yummy: the Rice Production and the Society of East Taiwan After World War II

3.     Ping-tsang Tseng (Academia Sinica)
Wartime Living Regime and the Development of Public Food in Taiwan (1947-1960s)

4.     Chang-hui Chi (National Quemoy University)
Learning to Drink Sorghum Liquor: Taste and Consumption in Militarized Jinmen, 1949–1992

Panel 7b: Multiculturalism and Identity

Sala Berengo, Ca’ Foscari

Chair: Stéphane Corcuff (University of Lyon and CECF Taipei)

1.     Ta-wei Chi (National Chengchi University)
Translating Helen Keller in Taiwan

2.     Mihaela Cristina Ionescu (National Taiwan Normal University )
Translating Lung Yingtai 1983-2016: A Journey through the Complexities of the Social, Political and Cultural Developments in the Modern History of Taiwan

3.     Huey-li Li(The University of Akron)
Alterity in the Formation of Taiwanese Identities

4.     Claire Yu-min Chen (St Mary’s College)
Reclaiming Legacy: History, Family and Identity The Lost Garden by Li Ang

Time: 10:30h – 11:00h

Coffee Break

Time: 11:00h – 12:30h
Panel 8a: Institute of Taiwan History and Lim Pen-yuan Foundation Panel on Taiwan’s Economic Policies and Financial Transformation during the Japanese Colonial Period

Aula Baratto, Ca’ Foscari

Chair: Kuo-hsing Hsieh (Academia Sinica)

1.     Yu-ju Lin(Academia Sinica)
The Customs of Taiwan during the Japanese Occupation: Window of Control

2.     Teruhiro Minato(Osaka Sangyo University)
The Dilemma of the National Policy Company: Wartime Financial Statements of the Taiwan Development Corporation

3.     Wen-kai Lin (Academia Sinica)
The Transformation of a Financial Regime: The Meaning of Taiwan’s Financial Reform in the Early Japanese Colonial Period, 1895-1905

4.     Tsong-min Wu (National Taiwan University)
Japanese Industry Policies in Colonial Taiwan: Tea and Sugar

Panel 8b: MA Panel

Sala Berengo, Ca’ Foscari

Chair: Simona Grano (Institute for Asian and Oriental Studies, University of Zurich)

1.     Jiamin Lee (SOAS)
Ruminating Harmony in Hybridity: The Case of Wei Te-sheng and Umin Boya’s KANO

2.     Elisa Sordo (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)
Metamorphosing Characters, Unconventional Sexual Desires: Ku’er Discourse in Ji Dawei’s Short Story “Shi” (The Eclipse)

3.     Yin-chung Kwan (SOAS)
To Join or Not To Join? Comparing the Pattern of Hong Kong and Taiwan’s New Generation Student Activists Participations in the Post-Movement Elections

4.     Maja Korbecka(Jagiellonian University in Kraków)
Overseas Chinese filmmakers in the contemporary Taiwanese cinema

5.     Ko-Hang Liao(London School of Economics)
The 90th Anniversary of the Formation of Taiwanese People’s Party/Split of the Taiwanese Cultural Association and Its Implications for National Solidarity

6.     Adam Lifshey(SOAS)
Translating Taiwan Southward. A Potential Remapping of Wu Zhouliu’s Orphan of Asia

Time: 12:30h – 13:30h


Time: 13:30h – 14:50h
Panel 9a: Taiwan Foundation for Democracy Panel on Interpreting East Asian Democratization: Taiwan in Historical and Comparative Perspectives

Aula Baratto, Ca’ Foscari

Chair: Tun-jen Cheng (College of William and Mary)

1.     Shelly Rigger (Davidson College)
Taiwan as a Case in Third Wave Democratization Studies

2.     Erik Kuhonta McGill University (co-author: Nhu Truong)
Pathologies of Philippine Democracy

3.     Ian Chong(National University of Singapore)
A Matter of Trust: Understanding Limited Support for Taiwan’s Defense Reform

4.     Da-chi Liao(National Sun Yat-Sen University)
Social Movements’ Impact upon Representative Deficit: A Study of Two Taiwanese Cases

Panel 9b: Literary Representation

Sala Berengo, Ca’ Foscari

Chair:Lara Momesso (University of Portsmouth)

1.     Shu-hui Lin (National Taiwan Normal University)
Cultural Translation: Representations of Taiwan’s Travel Writings during Martial Law and Post-Martial Law Period

2.     Yu-wen Chih (University of Auckland)
Cultural Signification of Headhunting in Li Qiao’s Wintry Night Trilogy

3.     Pei-yin Lin (University of Hong Kong)
Eco-ethnography, Acculturation, and Marginality: Strategies of Translating Taiwan’s Dutch Past in Wang Jiaxiang’s Daofeng neihai, Chen Yaochang’s Fu’ermosha sanzu ji, and Ping Lu’s Posuo zhi dao

4.     Huei-chu Chu (National Chung Hsing University)
Translating the Cold War: Sinophone/Japophone Literatures from Kinmen and Okinawa

Time: 15:00h – 15:30h
Concluding Remarks, 2017 EATS YSA Award and Closing Ceremony

Aula Baratto