Keynote Speaker: Professor David Der-wei Wang – Harvard University

Professor Der-wei Wang

David Der-wei Wang is Edward C. Henderson Professor in Chinese Literature and Comparative Literature. He is Director of CCK Foundation Inter-University Center for Sinological Studies, and Academician, Academia Sinica.

His specialities are Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Late Qing fiction and drama, and Comparative Literary Theory. Wang received his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and has taught at National Taiwan University (1982-1986) and Columbia University (1990-2004). He was on Harvard’s faculty in 1986-1990, and rejoined the faulty in 2004.

Wang’s publications include Fictional Realism in 20th Century China: Mao Dun, Lao She, Shen Congwen (1992); Fin-de-siècle Splendor: Repressed Modenrities of Late Qing Fiction (1997); The Monster That Is History: History, Violence, and Fictional Writing in 20th Century China (2004), Taiwan under Japanese Colonial Rule (co-ed. with Ping-hui Liao, 2007), Globalizing Chinese Literature (co-ed. with Jin Tsu, 2010), The Lyrical in Epic Time: Modern Chinese Intellectuals and Artists through the 1949 Crisis (2015), and the Harvard edition of A New Literary History of Modern China (ed., 2017).

The keynote speech Professor Wang is going to deliver at the 2017 EATS Annual Conference is entitled “Worlding Taiwan: Translation, Transgression, Transmigration”.