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In order to help you at your arrival in Venice, our students have prepared three short videos. The first one can give you an idea of the two arrival points in Venice: S. Lucia Railway Station (if you arrive by train) and Piazzale Roma (if you arrive by bus or taxi from the airport); the second video shows the direction to take if your accommodation is nearby (Casa S. Andrea and Casa Caburlotto); the third video shows you how to get to Ca’ Foscari and Ca’ Dolfin (the two conference venues) from Campo S. Barnaba (a place where participants from Alboretti, Leone XIII and Istituto Canossiano S. Trovaso will pass through). The videos are not supposed to be complete guides, but just a little help.

Venice Train Station and Piazzale Roma


Piazzale Roma and nearby accommodations


Conference Venues



There will be somebody to pick you up on the first day of conference and lead you to the conference venue.

Here are the meeting times:

Patronato Salesiano Leone XIII: meeting time 8:30 a.m.

There will be two students meeting your group and leading you to Ca’ Dolfin. The best way is to take the boat (vaporetto ACTV: line 1) from “Giardini” to “Ca’ Rezzonico”, and then walk to Ca’ Dolfin.

NOTE: we suggest that you consider buying at your arrival in Venice a multi-day water- bus ticket that you can use throughout your stay in Venice. This can be used as many times as you wish.

Istituto Canossiano S. Trovaso: meeting time 8:45 a.m.

A student will meet your group and walk with you to Ca’ Dolfin.

Casa Caburlotto and Casa S. Andrea: time 8:45

A person from EATS will meet your group and walk with you to Ca’ Dolfin.

Hotel Agli Alboretti: meeting time 8:45

A student will meet you and walk with you to Ca’ Dolfin

Hotel al Sole: meeting time 8:50

A person from EATS will meet your group and walk with you to Ca’ Dolfin.

Post-conference tours: updates

If you are among those who have registered for one or two tours, please read the following:

On the basis of the actual number of registered participants, we can now give you the definite prices for the tours:

€ 22,50 (for the Saturday afternoon visit to Frari and S. Rocco)

€ 35 (for the boat tour to the islands)

The exact amount (no change available!) should be paid to Board member Niki Alsford during the Conference dinner of March 2nd.

Time and meeting point

  • For the Saturday afternoon visit, participants will meet the guide at 16.00 in front of “Chiesa dei Frari” (it’s just a few minutes walk from Ca’ Foscari)
  • For the Sunday boat tour, participants will find the boat (the name of the company is GT) at the Railway station, at 9.15 a.m.; departure at 9.30.


At all hotels and guest houses you will have a Wi-fi connection. Ask at the reception for more information.

For wi-fi connection at conference venues, please read the following instructions:

  1. Connect to the University’s wifi connection (the connection’s name starts with: Unive_WiFi).
  2. Start your browser and open any page: the Ca’ Foscari wifi portal will open. Here you will be required to insert your username and password.
  3. Once connected, the user can minimize the page that indicates the successful connection and will be able to access the web.

Username: guest0005

Password: ENWMd7dp

Food and drink

Restaurants and pubs in Venice are usually small, so we suggest that you book in advance.

Informal Restaurants:

“San Trovaso” Ristorante

Dorsoduro 967 (very close to Hotel agli Alboretti)

Tel. 041 523 0835

“Pane Vino e San Daniele” restaurant (easy to reach from Casa Caburlotto and casa S. Andrea)

Campo dell’Angelo Raffaele, Dorsoduro, 1722 (closed on Wednesday)

tel. 041 52 37 456

“Pane Vino a San Barnaba”

Calle lunga S. Barnaba, 2861 (very close to Istituto Canossiano S. Trovaso)

Tel: 041 24 10 873

“Oniga” Osteria Enoteca

Campo San Barnaba (very close to Istituto Canossiano S. Trovaso)

Tel: 041 522 44 10

Osteria “Ae Cravate”

Salizada San Pantalon – Santa Croce, 36 (very close to Hotel Al Sole)

Tel: 041 528 7912

Osteria “La Lanterna”

Campiello Mosca, 24 – Santa Croce (very close to Hotel Al Sole)

Tel.: 041 822 22 60 (closed on Wednesday)

“Osteria del Cason”

Calle del Cristo, San Polo 2925 (very close to Hotel Al Sole)

Tel. 041 244 0060

“Osteria Garanghelo”

Via Garibaldi 1621 (near Patronato Salesiano “Leone XIII”)

Tel. 041 5204967

Ristorante “Ai Tosi Grandi”

Calle Secco Marina, Castello 985/a (near Patronato Salesiano “Leone XIII”)

Tel. 041 241 2299

“Trattoria da Paolo”

Campo Arsenale (near Patronato Salesiano “Leone XIII”)

Tel. 041 521 0660

“La Zucca” Vegetarian restaurant

  1. Croce 1762

“Pizzeria Ae Oche”, you can find them:

near S. Lucia Station, tel. 041 717879; at S. Giacomo dall’Orio tel: 041 5241161;

at Zattere tel: 041 520 6601

If you want to spend more…

“Da Fiore”

Calle de le Boteghe, 3461

Tel. 041 72 13 08

“Al Covo” ristorante (close to Patronato Salesiano “Leone XIII”)

Tel. 041.5223812

“Alle Testiere” Seafood Restaurant

Calle del Mondo Novo, 5801 (Castello)

Tel. 041 522 7220

“Corte Sconta” Seafood Restaurant

Calle del Pestrin, 3886 (Castello)

Tel. 041 522 7024

Typical Pubs & Finger Food Restaurants

While in Venice, you can’t miss a bacaro, the typical venetian pub where you can have wine or spritz and finger food, and also an informal dinner. You can find many of them at the fish market near Rialto Bridge, or in Campo S. Margherita. But there are also scattered all around Venice. They are usually small, not for big groups. Just a few suggestions:

“Osteria Al Squero” (near Accademia and Zattere)

“Cantina Do Mori” (the oldest bacaro in Venice)

San Polo, 429

“Cantina Do Spade”

Near Rialto Bridge

Tel: 041 521 0583

“Osteria Bancogiro”

Campo San Giacometto, San Polo 122

Tel. 041 52 32 061

“El Refolo”

Via Garibaldi 1580 (near Patronato Salesiano “Leone XIII”)

Coffee, bakery and pastry shops, ice-cream

“Pasticceria TONOLO”: one of the best pastisserie in Venice, with good coffee

  1. Pantalon, 3764 (near Ca’ Dolfin)

“Caffè La Serra”: you can have a coffee or a quick lunch in a beautiful greenhouse,

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1254 (near Patronato Salesiano “Leone XIII”)

“Majer” bakery and pastry shop

They have many shops in Venice: you might come across the one near Casa Caburlotto, or Campo S. Margherits or Via Garibaldi (near Patronato Salesiano “Leone XIII”)

“Grom” Ice cream parlor

Campo San Barnaba, 2761 (between Ca’ Foscari and Istituto Canossiano)

Practical information

Before travelling to Italy, check if you need a travel adapter for the power sockets (outlets) used here.

  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Power sockets: types C, F and L

sockets types in italy, C, F and L