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Panel Name(s) Paper Name
1a: Sustaining Democratic Taiwan and Asia Chang-ling Huang Gender Politics in Democratic Taiwan
  Yoonkyung Lee Class Politics in Democratic Korea
  Michael Seeberg Sustaining Mongolian Democracy: Averting Resource Curse
1b: Literature and Literary Translation Lin-chin Tsai Ecological Redistribution and Historical Sustainability: On Wu Ming-yi’s The Man with the Compound Eyes and The Stolen Bicycle
  Gaffric Gwennael Landscape and Connected Histories in Wu Ming-yi’s Fiction
  Kuei-fen Chiu Sustainable Digital Archivization and the Future of Taiwan Literary Production
2a: Cross-Strait and International Relations Josie-Marie Perkuhn A Change for Sustainable Relations: How the New Southbound Policy impacts Taiwan’s Foreign Policy Role
  Fukuda Madoka The Frontline of Taiwan’s Sustainable Diplomacy –The Japan-Taiwan Relations after Taiwanese Democratization
  Dana Trif Sustainability and the “Dis-integration” of Identity: South China Sea Politics and Taiwan’s Contemporary Identity Struggles
2b: Colonial and Post-war history Hung-shu Chen Manipulation for Survival and Sustainability: Translation Practice of a Traditional Scholar in Colonial Taiwan
  Magdalena Maslakova George Leslie MacKay as a Pioneer of Sustainable Taiwanese Christian Society
  Colin Alexander Sustaining Formosa via Panama: Re-examining Taiwan’s De-recognition by the Carter Administration 40 Years On
3a: Social Movements and Civil Society Muyi Chou From Social Movement to Social Innovation: A Sustainable Driving Force to Shape Civil Society in Taiwan
  Tommy Kwan The Unconventional Alliance in Taiwan: The Relationship Between KMT and Social Movements
3b: Media and Popular Culture Ming-Yeh and Gary Rawnsley Sustaining Science TV Broadcasting in Taiwan: Rethinking the Local and Global
  Mei Liao Close Encounters of the Different Kind: How Taiwanese Entertainment Industries Maintain Their Creative Abilities Under China’s Attempted Control
  Shr-tzung Shieh Transitional Justice in Cultural Terms: Chinese Lyricism, Authoritarian Regime and Lyrical Displacement in Hou Hsiao-hsien’s Film
4b: Population, Migration and Gender Lara Momesso (Un)sustainable families: the other half’s perspective
  Beatrice Zani Moral Economies of Gender and Subalternity: the Emergence of an Emotional Transnational Community
  Shuchun Li Gender Perspective on Transitional Justice: Women’s Narrative, Authoritarianism, and Transitional Justice
  Chun-ya Liu Regional Characteristics of Population Decline in Taiwan
5a: Law, Economy and Human Rights Fang-ying Su Can ideas of Human Rights in Taiwan Sustain its International Participation? Decoding the Responsibility of Resistance in the Democracy Movement
  Chun-lin Liu Arguing For the Suitable Formosan Idea of Rule of Law – Toward A Philosophy of Civic Independence
5b: Food, Farming and Rural Community Hao-tzu Ho Community of Sustainability: Young Farmer and Ecovillage in Hong Kong and Taiwan
  Chienwei Pan Sustainable Gourmandism: Liu Kexiang, Jiao Tong and Their Writing of Fruits and Vegetables
  Joseph Bosco The Battle Over Pesticides: Profits, Risk, and Ideals of Sustainable Development
6a: Urban Development & Environment Tuchung Liu The Governance of Cultural Imagination for Sustaining Historic Districts through Heritage-led Regeneration
  Wenchuan Huang The Value of Cittaslow as an Approach to Local Sustainable Development: the Case Study of Fenglin Township in Hualien County, Taiwan
  Chih-yuan Yang Imaging a Modest and Responsive Technology — Crossover of Locality, Materiality and an Alternative Imagination
  Ti-han Chang Water Water Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink: A Sustainable Taiwan in Perspectives of Environmental Ethics and Justice- Literary Writings of Fang Hui-chen and Wu Ming-yi
6b: Education and Linguistics Hsin-yi Li Taiwanese Music Students in Germany: Cultural Authenticity and Student Mobility in a Transcultural Context
  Lekun Tan Cross-Language Transfer of Phonological Awareness in the Teaching of Multilingual Courses
7a: Studies of Waste, Pollution and Climate Change Natalie Wong Wai Man, Peng Lin and Chin-chih Wang Why do Policies Fail and Others Succeed in Controlling Municipal Waste? A Comparative Study
  Armin Ibitz How Taiwan Strives to Turn into a Circular Economy: the E-Waste Sector
  Olivia Dung Towards a Sociological Analysis of Waste: Systems and Stakeholders of Taiwanese Contemporary Recycling
7b: Aborigines Jessica Marinaccio James Clifford’s “Indigenous Articulations” as Traveling Theory?: The Search for Sustainability in Theorizing Taiwan’s Indigenous and Han Populations
  Shih-chung Hsieh Imagined Sacred Tradition as Key Mechanism to Spark Ethnic Power: Taiwan’s Prolonged Indigenous Movement in Three Decades
  Chihfan Chen Disaster and Cultural Reconstruction: Taiwanese Aborigines’ Representations of Wind Disaster
MA Panel 1: Pin-wen Chen The Formosa POW Camps
  En-en Hsu Explaining the Solidarity In-Movement of the Sunflower Occupation
MA Panel 2: I-lun Shih Politics of Leadership in the Sunflower Movement