To download the Conference Third Circular click HERE.

Conference Deadlines:

  • All delegates will be staying at the IBIS Budget Hotel close to the airport. Extended deadline for your reservation with IBIS Hotel is 15 March 2018, by which date you will have to communicate to the hotel staff your reservations, exact dates and travel companions – if any – by using the code EATS2018. Please note that it is important to refer to the code EATS2018 in your email subject so that the staff at the hotel will know you belong to the EATS group. If you do not stay at IBIS, please inform Dr Lara Momesso ( for our record. We appreciate your understanding that EATS won’t be able to cover your one-night accommodation as paper-presenters if you do not stay at IBIS.
  • Please submit your paper as a PDF or Word document by 20 March 2018 to and cc submission of SURNAME, Given Name).
  • Please complete your online conference registration by 20 March 2018 so that we can process your registration in time for the start of the conference on 4 April 2018. Please note that our early bird rate finishes on 28 February 2018. From 1 March 2018 onward​, as specified in our 1st Circular the conference registration rate becomes: €150 (if you are EATS members); €220 (if you are non-EATS members)
  • If you have had a book relecant to Taiwan Studies published in 2017-2018 and would like to take part in EATS book launch, please write to Chun-yi Lee (; subject;EATS Book Launch + your name) by 20 March 2018, including the following information: (1) bibliographical details of your publication and (2) one-paragraph abstract of your book. You are welcome to display your book(s) or distribute leaflets during the conference.

Conference Dinner:

The official conference dinner will take place on Wednesday, April the 4th at the ETH Dozentenfoyer, starting from 7.00 pm. The dinner is sponsored by Délégation culturelle et économique de Taipei, which will pay for all official delegates (including keynote speaker, chairs, paper presenters, and the conference organising committee members). If a paper has multiple authors, we can only accommodate one presenter per paper. However, we welcome non-delegate members (i.e. spouse, co-author, companion, etc.) to join the conference dinner with us too. Additional dinner tickets (60 euro) for non-delegates can be purchased through the online registration system by 20 March 2018.

Online Registration and Admin Charge:

When you tick the box about what you want to pay for via our online registration system, please take care to ensure that you tick all the correct boxes. This will ensure that you make correct payment. In the case of mistake and you have overpaid for what you need (for example, if you have chosen to be an EATS member, but at the same time have ticked to pay for the non-EATS member conference registration fee, i.e. the higher rate of registration fee), we are afraid that we will need to deduct 30 euro of admin fee when we process your refund because of the additional bank charges and effort that EATS needs to cover as a result. We will appreciate that you take time to ensure that everything is correct before you submit your online registration form.

Subscription to IJTS:

As an EATS member, you will receive a favourable discount to subscribe to IJTS. We welcome EATS members to use our online registration system to make the subscription. EATS will ensure that we have collected your appropriate postal and/or email addresses to receive the journal in due course.

However, if you do not want to become an EATS member but wish to subscribe to IJTS, please go to the publisher’s webpage and make your order of IJTS directly with Brill. In this way, Brill will have your contact details in order that they can send you the journal in your preferred format.

It is extremely important that you subscribe to the IJTS through the correct channel, namely, if you are an EATS member, you do it via EATS online registration system; but if you are not an EATS member, you subscribe to it directly from Brill. Otherwise you may not receive the journal because neither EATS nor Brill will have your contact details in their mailing systems.

EATS 2018 Library Grant:

It is our pleasure to announce the EATS Library Grant for the year 2018. Only student members are eligible to apply. Recipients will be given the opportunity to travel to a library of their choosing to conduct short-term research relevant to Taiwan Studies by 31 December 2018. Grants will be allocated up to 500 Euros maximum per person, subject to the number of received applications. Application deadline is 20 March 2018. Please submit to EATS Board at (c.c. Dr Adina Zemanek at a short proposal that includes the following:

  1. Research outline (title and description of maximum 1 page of A4)
  2. Details of the selected library that has Taiwan related materials and the relevance it holds to your research (please state the location of the library and offer a brief introduction to the materials you intend to look at. For example, archival records, newspapers, digital materials, etc.).
  3. Duration of stay (up to 2 weeks)
  4. Budget (including travel and accommodation fees)

Final results will be announced during the 2018 EATS Conference in Zurich (4-6 April 2018). For further details, see EATS website.

Tram Tickets:

Conference participants (i.e. people who have paid the conference registration fees) will be provided with discounted tram tickets valid on the three days of the conference, namely April 4, 5 and 6 that will be integrated on their conference badges. Please remember, as these tickets will have your name on them, to carry a personal identification document with you at all times, should your tickets be checked on the tram.

In order to allow you to travel on the morning of 4 April, the local organizer will deliver the badges to the IBIS hotel in advance. These will be given to you upon check-in at the IBIS Hotel. In case the hotel staff forgets, please make sure to ask them for your conference badges and remember the tram tickets will be valid only starting from 4 April 2018.

If you do not stay at IBIS hotel, you will receive your badge and tram ticket at the Conference Registration Desk on 4 April 2018.

Hotel Pickup on 4 April 2018:

The IBIS Budget Hotel has a tram line (n.10) which drives directly to the University main stop (Universitätsspital) from where participants will have to walk 4-5 minutes downhill to reach the conference venue. On 4 April 2018, we will arrange student volunteers to meet you at the hotel at 9:30am and show you how to take the tram.

WIFi Access:

In order to be able to have internet access at the University of Zurich, you will have to register and request an account in advance, which will be valid only starting from 28 March 2018. Please remember to do so, before arriving at the conference venue. You can do so from home or from the hotel but you will need internet to do so.

Go the following website and follow instructions to request an account. For this you will need an event ID.

Event ID is: 18EATS2668

Then follow instructions.

Post-Conference Optional Tour (organised by the local organiser):

A two-hours tour of the old town of Zurich has been organised for participants and will take place at 4.00 pm on Friday the 6th. It will cost 14 CHF (13 euro) per person.

Meeting place will be right outside of the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies (conference venue building), at 4 pm.

Please write to Helen Hess ( to register your interest in taking the tour by 22 March 2018.

Additional Tour for Your Information:

Although we are unable to organise these tours for you, you may want to check out the following proposals to spend leisure time on Saturday and Sunday:

1) Rapperswil:

Rapperswil-Jona, town of roses located on the upper end of Lake Zurich, combines sights, cultural life, hiking and sports possibilities with a Mediterranean holiday atmosphere. Welcome to the riviera located on the upper end of Lake Zurich. For more information click here.

2) Mount Pilatus

Maker of weather, dragon’s lair, home to giants and grave of rulers: Lucerne’s very own mountain, Pilatus, is one of the most legendary places in Central Switzerland. And one of the most beautiful. On a clear day the mountain offers a panoramic view of 73 Alpine peaks. For more information click here.

Emergency Contact in Zurich:

In case of emergency, please contact the local organizer, Simona Grano at her email address: