The Department of Chinese Studies FF MU

The Department of Chinese Studies of Masaryk University (hereafter MUNI) is the local organizer of the EATS conference in 2021. We hereby express a hearty welcome to all prospective participants!

The Chinese Studies Seminar is a department at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University, which teaches Chinese Cultural Studies in the Bachelor’s and the Follow-up Master’s Degree programmes. The seminar was founded in 2009 and initially belonged to the Department of Religious Studies. In 2015, the Chinese Studies Seminar opened the Master’s Degree Studies programme; and since 2017, the students of the master program can choose between a regular program and a dual master’s degree in cooperation with a Chinese University. The Chinese Studies Seminar is one of three sinology departments in Czech universities. It offers intensive studies of modern Chinese as well as studies of Chinese culture from various perspectives (society, politics, history, Chinese thought, and literature). Chinese Studies gives students a knowledge of Modern Chinese and a comprehensive knowledge of Chinese culture, both modern and traditional. Graduates are also able to see Chinese culture in a global context and comprehend and interpret the social and political events and processes that shape contemporary China and determine its place in the world. Students on this programme are advised to spend at least one semester in China on a study visit. Students can choose from a wide range of scholarships to study in China or Taiwan. The Chinese Studies Seminar also regularly organizes summer schools, international conferences, workshops, and other interesting activities outside the actual degree programme.

In recent years, our department has organized the following activities related to the study of Taiwan, including summer schools in Taiwan (annually), a series of young scholar conferences jointly organized with a university in Taiwan (annually), student workshops in 2019, and courses on Taiwan every semester.

In the summer of 2017, MUNI started a regular initiative of having a summer school of learning Mandarin in Taiwan, bringing students there to learn the language in the real cultural context. Every summer, we send about 20 students to Taiwan for a roughly 4-week stay.

In the spring of 2017, MUNI started a series of Young Scholar’s Conference in Brno (YSC Brno), jointly organized with Soochow University in Taiwan. Every year, the conference hosts 10-15 short presentations by young scholars in the field, fostering a regular intellectual exchange between young scholars from Taiwan with students of MUNI.

Every semester, MUNI organizes at least 2 courses, lecture or workshop series related to Taiwan.

In the field of international cooperation with Taiwan (which indirectly supports MUNI’s initiatives in Taiwan Studies), MUNI has National Chi-nan University, National Taiwan Normal University and Soochow University as faculty-level partners in Taiwan. MUNI also has university-level partners including National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University and National Chengchi University. The student exchange between MUNI and its various partners has been rather active.

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