EATS is conscious of the importance of nurturing young scholars. Hence the Association has established the Young Scholar Award (YSA) since 2011. The quality of the papers produced by the participating emerging scholars has been so encouraging that the Association is determined to continue the practice.

The winners of the EATS Young Scholar Award each year are as follows:




  • Szu-wie Tsai (Taiwan Forestry Research Institute), Between Empire and Colony in Asia: the Discovery of Taiwania
  • Ari-Joonas Pitkänen (University of Turku), Between Blood and Liberty – A Qualitative Comparison of Chinese Nationalist Discourse and Taiwanese Millennial Identity
  • Yu-ting Huang (Monash University), The Returnee as an Outsider:Reunion and Division in Wang Quan’an’s Apart Together (團圓)



We had 15 applications to YSA in 2018, the highest number to date. All submissions were double blind reviewed. The external reviewers’ comments helped the EATS Board select three finalists to attend the EATS Annual Conference in Zurich for presentation. After a vigorous two-step assessment based on the written paper and oral presentation:

Many congratulations to all our YSA winners!


For the first time, we widened the eligibility of YSA and doubled the monetary award. After a vigorous process of two-step assessment

  • The 1st Prize goes to Klavier Wong (Education University of Hong Kong) on “Legacy, Habitus, and Repertoires: A comparative study of anti-eviction movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan”
  • The joint 2nd Prize goes to Naomi Kojen (National Chiao Tung University) on “Translating Collective Memory: Perspectives on Taiwanese identity in the arts of Chen Chieh-jen and Wu Tien-chang” and
  • also Vivian Szu-chin Chih (Cambridge University) on “Taiwanese History and the February 28th Incident in A City of Sadness”.

Many congratulations to all the YSA winners!

For further information about the 2017 YSA Winners, see EATS News issue 10.


  • Magdalena Maslakova, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic
  • Hsiao-Chiao Chiu, London School of Economics
  • Weu-Chu Shih, Lumiere University Lyon 2

For further information about the 2016 YSA Winners, see EATS News issue 8.


  • Wei-lun Lu, Masaryk University
  • Joycelin Yi-hsuan Lai, King’s College London

(See the photograph on the right: Lu on the left, Lai in the middle)

For further information about the 2015 winners, please read EATS News issue 6.


  • Ek-Hong Ljavakaw Sia, Political Science Institute of Tübingen University
  • Lisa Bauer, University of Hildesheim
  • Julia Schulz, Department of East Asian Studies, the University of Göttingen

For further information about the 2014 winners, please read EATS News issue 4, pp.11–13.


  • Lara Momesso, SOAS, University of London/ERCCT, Tubingen University
  • Gwennaël Gaffric, University of Lyon 3

For further information about the 2013 winners, please read EATS News issue 2, pp.23–25.


  • Jens Sejrup, University of Copenhagen
  • Isabelle Cheng, SOAS, University of London
  • Simona Grano, University of Zurick

For further information about the 2012 winners, please read EATS News issue 1, pp.23–27.


  • Jerome Soldani, University of Provence, France
  • Tana Dluhosova, Masaryk University, the Czech Republic
  • Sigrid Winkler, Vrije Universiteit Brussel