The second issue of Vol 5 is now published online. This issue includes a topical section entitled Language and Society in Taiwan.

IJTS 5(2): Language and Society in Taiwan

Introduction: Language and Society in Taiwan (Henning Klöter and Julia Wasserfall)

Research Article (Topical Section):

* Language Politics and Policy under Tsai Ing-wen (Jean-François Dupré)

* ‘No one at school can speak Pangcah’: Family Language Planning in an Indigenous Taiwanese Home (Sifo Lakaw and P. Kerim Friedman)

* The Language Shift of Taiwanese Hokkien and Hakka in Hsinchu County and Hsinchu City, Taiwan: A Data Comparison of the Surveys of 1978 and 2015 (Shu-chuan Chen)

* From Mandarin Monopoly to Sinitic Polypoly: The Story of Dubbing Peiyin in Postwar Taiwan (Spencer C Chen)

* Language visibility and invisible languages: The street name signs of Taipei City (Henning Klöter)

Research Article:

* Should I Stay or Should I Go? Diplomatic Recognition of Taiwan, 1950–2016 (Timothy Rich & Andi Dahmer)

* Health Apartheid during COVID-19: A Decolonial Critique of Racial Politics between Taiwan and the WHO (Po-Han Lee and Ying-Chao Kao)


* ‘Keywording Taiwan’: Report of the NATSA 26th Annual Conference (JhuCin Rita Jhan and Chee-Hann Wu)

Book Review:

* Aoife Cantrill on Representing Empire: Japanese Colonial Literature in Taiwan and Manchuria

* Madoka Fukuda on Shaping of ‘Taiwan’s Diplomacy’: Breaking of Diplomatic Relations between Japan-ROC in 1972 and Conversion from ROC [in Japanese]

* Sophia Huei-Ling Chen on A History of Taiwan Literature

* Chris Berry on Locating Taiwan Cinema in the Twenty-first Century

* Devendra Kumar on Taiwan—A Light in the East: A Personal and Analytical Taiwan Study (2020)

* Scott Simon on Indigenous Cultural Translation: A Thick Description of Seediq Bale

We are pleased to announce the publication of vol.5, issue 1 of the International Journal of Taiwan Studies (March 2022) online.

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Research Articles:


Book Reviews: