IJTS Vol 7 Issue 1

Dear all,
It is our pleasure to announce the online publication of the International Journal of Taiwan Studies 7(1): https://brill.com/view/journals/ijts/7/1/ijts.7.issue-1.xml. The print copy will be available in the near future. Table of Content as follows:

Research Articles:

  • Explaining Cross-Strait Relations with Regional Integration Theory (Frederic Krumbein)
  • ‘Letters to Taiwan Compatriots’: The PRC’s Unification Ideology and Taiwanese Response in Cross-Strait Communication (Simona Grano)
  • The Commodification of Cold War Ideologies: The Reception of Casals in Japan and the Sinophone World in the Post-Cold War Era (Min-Erh Wang). Open access: https://brill.com/view/journals/ijts/7/1/article-p65_004.xml
  • Sovereignty as the Axis of State-Making: The Re-Sovereignisation of Republic of China/Taiwan’s South China Sea Claim (Hui-Yi Katherine Tseng)
  • Religious Beliefs in ‘Aboriginal Taiwan’ (Christopher Joby). Open access: https://brill.com/view/journals/ijts/7/1/article-p118_006.xml
  • Gender and Austronesian Indigenous Identities:  Narratives of Women in Seediq Bale and Utu (Yu-wen Fu)


  • ‘Thinking the Republic of China’: An International Symposium (Mark McConaghy)
  • ‘Made in Taiwan’: Global Storytelling, Childhood Memories and Undergraduate Research in the Twenty-first Century (Sabine Frühstück and Silke Werth)

Book Reviews:

  • Taiwan’s Contemporary Indigenous Peoples, edited by Chia-Yuan Huang, Daniel Davies and Dafydd Fell (2021) (Paul Barclay)
  • Indigenous Knowledge in Taiwan and Beyond, edited by Shu-mei Shih and Lin-chin Tsai(2021) (P. Kerim Friedman)
  • Language, Society, and the State: From Colonization to Globalization in Taiwan, written by Gareth Price(2019) (Scott Sommers)
  • Locating Taiwan Cinema in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Paul G. Pickowicz and Yingjin Zhang (2020) (Tarryn Chun)
  • China’s Influence and the Center-Periphery Tug of War in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indo-Pacific, edited by Brian C. H. Fong, Jieh-min Wu and Andrew J. Nathan (2021) (Kuei-min Chang)

We hope you’ll enjoy reading these articles. Please feel free to disseminate the message widely to your networks. Thanks very much for your interest and support.
Yours sincerely,
Ming-yeh Rawnsley